ACME and Salesforce: The Art of A Cloud-Based Marriage

ACME and Salesforce: The Art of A Cloud-Based Marriage

First, introductions. You know Salesforce; meet ACME, an all-in-one visitation commerce platform. Founded in 2014 by early contributors to technologies of Ticketmaster, Ebay and Paypal, ACME helps resource-strapped museums, zoos, aquariums and other cultural institutions manage their ticket, group sales, education, memberships and donations all on one single cloud-based platform. Already, museums like MoMA,  The Jewish Museum and The Bowers Museum have selected or are using ACME and Salesforce to streamline the way it manages recurring events and simplify the purchase process for consumers.

Until now, museums have had to rely on multiple disparate systems to run their businesses. ACME’s multi-channel approach integrates all such systems, including back office, payment, hardware, data and API integrations, into one single platform that cultural organizations use daily to run their entire business. The linchpin is ACME’s transaction-based revenue model. No setup fee. No monthly subscription. ACME earns its money through the museum’s success.

Introductions now made, let’s talk about how ACME and Salesforce together create an innovative cloud-based solution to meet the broader needs of museums looking to expand and deepen reach. The transactions made through ACME produce a truly rich data set. When you pull that data from ACME into Salesforce CRM, you get a unified and centralized view of every interaction with a museum’s visitors, members, funders and volunteers in real time. And, as the Lorax proclaims, “Oh, the places you can go,” such as:

  • Marketing Communications. Gone are the days of batch and blast emails. With Salesforce, engage with constituents at the right time with the right message. Easily segment your database based on previous museum activities, e.g., visits, donations, purchases, program attendance.
  • Fundraising. No more silos. Salesforce provides transparency across departments, allowing staff to optimize donor interactions and relationships, all while managing the full donation cycle.
  • Grant Management. Salesforce provides customizable and scalable tools to handle grant management such as regularly scheduled reports and automated tasks, making grant compliance easier.
  • Corporate Relations. Salesforce creates transparency of activities involving shared corporate partners and prospects, allowing for better coordination.
  • Program Management. Salesforce provides configurable and customizable tools to schedule, deliver, manage and track public programming such as speaker series, school trips, camps and classes.

The business of museums is complex and multifaceted. The art of simplification? That’s what ACME and Salesforce CRM do. And nobody does it better. Indeed, nobody else even DOES it.

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