ACME introduces Kiosks for general admissions!

ACME introduces Kiosks for general admissions!

ACME Technologies Inc., the leader in ticketing technology for cultural institutions, now offers self-serve Kiosks for general admissions

ACME Technologies partnered with Kiosk Informations Systems, the leader in self-service Kiosks, to offer a beautifully designed self-service visitor experience. Kiosk Information Systems is the world leader in Kiosk manufacturing and manufactures all Kiosks in a US based facility in Colorado.

Introducing the ACME Kiosk

The ACME Kiosk is designed to withstand interactions with visitors in the wild and stand alone with minimal intervention from staff except to replace ticket stock supplies as needed. It has a simple and easy to follow application design and is available in 10 languages*.

The high resolution touch screen interface is over 100 dots per inch so the application looks crisp and clear. This combined with a very simple and easy application design and a durable credit card reader makes for quick self-service transactions that can be as fast as 30 seconds. Receipts print directly on the tickets to save costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

Real-time Integration with ACME

All Kiosk transactions are available in the ACME system real-time. An order can be looked up at the POS or in the Back Office if there is a need for order management. All Kiosk transactions are available in reporting can be filtered out from other transactions by selecting the Kiosk sales channel. The Kiosk is a highly integrated ticket sales channel.

Back Office Configuration

The event for sale on the Kiosk is configured in the ACME Back Office by simply enabling it for the Kiosk sales channel along with a price list and schedule. Ticket layout configurations are also managed in the Back Office and the Kiosk pulls directly from these settings.  This enables the general public to purchase tickets at your venue at the day of the visit and gain quick entry to your venue.

Fully Customizable Application Design

The Kiosk application look and feel can be fully customized to match your brand with color schemes, attract loop visuals, unique graphics, colors and fonts in sets of assets which are called Themes. The Kiosk has an admin application which allows for configuration of Themes per Kiosk and whether the Kiosk should open and close itself automatically or not. It will never close if the user is in the middle of a transaction.

Remote Monitoring

With the Managed Services option, the kiosks are controlled by a remote monitoring application. With this option, you have 24 hour support available from Kiosk Information Services to resolve any issues, keep the operating system up to date, push Kiosk application updates and enable or disable the kiosks as needed. Additionally, the application allows for in-depth reporting on screen usage time, specific flow analysis or language analysis

Kiosk Model

The Kiosk ACME is the Thinman from KIS. It can be painted, have custom vinyl graphics in specific locations or be wrapped completely. It also comes with a backlit top panel. Art work can be completely unique.

The Thinman Series offers generous 17”, 19” and 22” LCDs with additional overhead display options to incorporate digital signage in your marketing mix. This kiosk can be finished with your color and trim preference, logo, and advertising materials for the greatest consumer impact and corporate brand reinforcement.

One of the most widely deployed models in the world, the Thinman is designed for simple field service with hinged or front access service doors. ADA compliant screen placement can range from 54” to 48” height, providing self-service options to all your customers.

This kiosk is designed to accept a wide variety of optional components from biometrics to printers, wireless modules to card readers. Reliable and tested components.

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

ACME recently implemented Kiosks in partnership with the New York MoMA, and the Kiosks can be seen in the lobby most days. These Kiosks use our chosen Thinman model and are very clean, simple and elegant. The MoMA brand is evident throughout the physical kiosk attributes and the digital application.

The Kiosks have been very successful for the MoMA and have allowed another option to help visitors transact quickly. In keeping with MoMA’s mission to be as inclusive as possible, the kiosk experience is  in 10 languages.

While we cannot share specific statistics, there is a good distribution between visitors that use the kiosk compared to those visitors that purchase online or at the ticketing desk. Additionally, queueing experiments are being conducted to allow for optimal placement.

Considering a Kiosk with ACME?

We can help you determine everything you need to know and uncover requirements for disabled visitors if needed. If additional application flows or additional hardware is needed for parking validation or scanning a member card, we can work with you to determine the requirements and create a timeline for delivery. We can put a lot of different kinds of hardware into our Kiosks.

If you are thinking of a Kiosk for the first time, you should know that Kiosk placement is very important. Queuing in front of escalators or emergency exits is not recommended for example. You can also expect a revenue channel shift to Kiosk from the POS and you may see incremental sales year over year on busy seasonal days because customers expect Kiosks to be faster for ticket sales than the visitor desk.  

Have questions?

If you’d like to learn more about Kiosks and ACME, please contact ACME at 844-671-0500.

*English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese traditional, Chinese Simplified (all languages will be left to right)


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