As you might expect, there’s a lot that goes into starting a museum. It’s a complicated and ambitious task that requires, among other things, planning, research, and public support. It can be, however, one of the most fulfilling and gratifying ventures, as museums not only...

One of the biggest questions that animal lovers and conservation advocates might be asking is how they can find work in a zoo. The good news is that zoos have a need for employees and specialists from several backgrounds and trades.  Zoos provide unique job opportunities...

If you think museums are fun during working hours, you should see what they look like after dark. After hour museum programs are great ways to present all of the educational and aesthetic pleasures of a museum but with a dark twist. Serve your visitors some wine and cheese, dim the lights, bring out the fog machines, and create a totally new experience for your members

Zoo marketing practices and marketing strategies are in the process of undergoing several fundamental changes. Like most industries, this has to do with the advent of the digital age. Greater and easier access to travel information, instant booking, and other travel resources have made tourists more spontaneous and dependent on their mobile devices when planning their trips.

Most of the time, we like to think of experiencing art, history, and science in the quiet, serene setting of a museum. All museum aficionados know and love the feeling of entering a new exhibit with a tall, extended ceiling, clear white walls, and an arm’s reach proximity from the captivating art and relics that surround them.

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