Demographic shifts and continual technological transformations unsettle every initiative in an organization’s path including marketplace expansion, operational intuitiveness and customer relationship management. All types of enterprises feel the reverberating impacts of these disruptions, not the least of which are cultural institutions. No longer can traditional marketing...

According to a survey in, Leaving the Museum Field, by museum professionals Sarah Erdman, Marieke Van Damme, Claudia Ocello and Dawn Estabrooks Salerno, most museum workers chose to work in this field because of their love for museums and/or the content area in which they work. Cultural institutions are dependent upon this innate passion to help buoy day-to-day operations and interactions with guests. It is this passion that enthuses ticket sales and spurs referrals. It is this motivation that inspirits workers to go that extra mile to ensure quality service and exemplary attention to detail. 

When it comes to ticket purchasing and admission software tools, your staff aren’t the only beneficiaries of the advancements in automated ticketing.  Automated ticketing purchasing and admission software tools will make it easier for your guests to purchase tickets, go through lines, and manage their events. Additionally, they’ll get constant updates on the status of their events, making communication lines easier for you and your guests. 

Making a great first impression is important for most situations in life, and museum memberships are no exception. Part of building perennial memberships, a key factor to the success of longevity of your institution, is by welcoming new members and letting them know that they’re valued. Providing your new members with a warm welcome is the first step in increased membership retention, membership satisfaction, and greater member participation. Below are some great ideas to welcome new members and bolster your member-satisfaction rates. 

Technology continues to completely change the industry for museums and cultural institutions. It allows museums to do valuable things like improve their management capacities, build memberships, bolster visitor experience, make use of valuable data, embrace diversity and accessibility, aid in the preservation of collections, become...

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