Case Studies

Gardens & Arboretums

A Garden and Sculpture Park in the Midwest

The Challenge

In the throes of physical transformation, including their Visitor Center, this beautiful park sought a new ticketing system, with a goal to accommodate:

  1. 25 ticket locations across 3 locations
  2. Large, primarily volunteer/docent staff

The Solution

ACME architected a modern, mobile ticketing solution with a small physical footprint. The cloud-based solution was imperative to ensure:

  • All terminals across 25 stations were continuously in-sync and up-to-date

The intuitive POS ensured:

  • Smooth training of elderly staff

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Mobile + Modern Point of Sale

This client achieved a mobile, modern, fast + intuitive Point of Sale solution–operational across multiple ticketing locations on a vast campus.

· Mobile

· Intuitive POS

· Cloud-based

A Unique Botanical Garden on the West Coast

The Challenge

This garden sought to authenticate purchasers using member-only discounts, with an aim to:

  1. Convert from an honor system to a verification system
  2. Stem revenue drain from non-members receiving discounted rates

The Solution

Exported member data files from their custom CRM system + imported into ACME’s system. ACME’s system allows:

  • Members to verify their membership + purchase discounted tickets online
  • Non-members to purchase full-price tickets

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Simple Member Ticketing

Using ACME’s system, they was able to publish + automate ticketing for multiple events online + ensure that member discounts + select events were exclusively available to verified members.

· Operational efficiency

· Implemented easily and quickly

· Improved member experience

One of the Largest Arboretums on the West Coast

The Challenge

This arboretum sought to rejuvenate operations, with an objective to:

  1. Modernize/expand ticketing
  2. Transform membership operations
  3. Preserve personalized visitor experiences

The Solution

They moved from ALL manual processes to ACME’s modern, mobile, cloud-based solution for both ticketing + membership needs. Implementing ACME POS fuels:

  • More + faster ticket sales
  • Immediate member benefits
  • Data flow between systems, by connecting to Raiser’s Edge
  • Data/report extraction across all functions

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Modernizing Ticketing & Membership

ACME’s cloud-based, POS solutions emancipated data flow while speeding ticket sales, mobilizing reporting + enhancing overall customer experience.

· Raiser’s Edge

· Point of Sale

· Membership