Case Studies

Zoos & Aquariums

An Illustrious Aquarium in the Pacific Northwest

The Challenge

This aquarium focused on 3 goals for their website e-commerce pages:

  1. Easy-to-manage + update, now and years into the future
  2. Bolstered visibility to visitor, across all screens + all devices
  3. Modern design + exemplary user experience

The Solution

They hired a web development group to leverage ACME APIs + construct a custom end-to-end user journey for ticketing + membership.


  • Membership
  • Ticketing
  • Donations

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Creative Workflows via API

By using ACME APIs, they powered several innovative features displayed by their core website CMS:

  • CityPASS pop-up upsell prompt when guests click “Buy Tickets”
  • Single-page transactional process
  • Resident vs. Non-Resident pricing
  • Membership upsell triggered when guests add tickets to the shopping cart
  • Round-up donations (in addition to fixed and variable amounts)
  • Membership Gift Certificates
  • Custom ordering of most popular membership levels

A Northwestern Aquarium

The Challenge

This aquarium was integrating with Raiser’s Edge, and the membership team needed to:

  1. Understand multiple complex sales scenarios to thoroughly test the file interface with Raiser’s Edge
  2. Achieve peak-season go-live

The Solution

Efficiency-minded, a small team assembled daily in a conference room to:

  • Define and test all scenarios together, (using their favorite TV characters)
  • Clarify a decision-making framework
  • Prioritize go-live initiatives

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Testing with Enthusiasm

The testing team transformed a somewhat laborious activity, completing it quickly through group brainstorming + collaboration.

· Interface testing

· Interactive & hands-on

· Fun