ACME Update Apr 2, 2020

New Donations Features!


You asked and we listened. With Donations being more crucial to your institution than ever before, we made it our top priority to enhance the Donation functionality available in ACME. You can provide an extremely customized and easy-to-use online experience for your donors.


Institutions now have the ability to create a custom stand-alone donation page on ACME e-Commerce which:

  • Provides custom messaging to potential donors
  • Allows for direct deep linking
  • Offers a streamlined flow for donation-only orders, taking users directly to payment after selecting their donation amount
ACME Donation Page

ACME Webinar – Donations

What’s Next

Additional Donations Enhancements!


ACME is committed to continuing to enhance our product and roll out new functionality that will best support our customers during this trying time.

Coming soon …

  • The ability to have custom messaging for every use case and audience
  • The ability to define the appeal, fund, campaign
  • Confirmation Email customization


Check back here for updates as we roll them out.


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