ACME + Ingresso: Gaining Exposure and Growing Revenue

ACME + Ingresso: Gaining Exposure and Growing Revenue

ACME + Ingresso: Gaining Exposure and Growing Revenue

March 18, 2021

The last year has challenged us all – personally, professionally, financially – in so many ways that we cannot begin to count. It has taught us how strong and resilient we truly are. It has shown us that when times are tough, it’s ok to rely on others for help and support. We were forced to think differently, operate differently, engage differently and conduct business in a very unfamiliar manner. But with this, we have found it necessary to explore new avenues, being creative, resourceful, and innovative is leading us down even more prosperous paths than the pre-pandemic ones. 

As we all start to settle into the new processes and procedures put in place by the pandemic, institutions are blending historic operational models with those recently brought to bear.  

In an effort to help cultural institutions expand their reach and ability to increase revenue, ACME Technologies saw a need in the industry and partnered with Ingresso, a global distribution platform that connects customers with the world’s best entertainment content – to seamlessly connect real-time ticket inventory with Ingresso’s ever-growing, global list of eCommerce retailers, ticket agents, travel agents, and tour operators. By enlisting ACME’s open platform and APIs, an organization can connect to over 60 global distributors thereby increasing brand awareness and ticket sale potential.

The ACME and Ingresso partnership offers benefits to the organization and its guests. For ACME customers who have chosen to use their open API to easily and directly connect to Ingresso, they eliminate fraud with a custom barcode generation that comes directly from the ticketing system and can only be used once. This barcode is emailed directly to the guests and offers a seamless guest experience by allowing them to “skip the line” for contactless check-in. Organizations can also control pricing and inventory by channel in real-time. Third-party issued tickets through Ingresso, can easily be reported via ACME’s standard reporting.  Finally, pricing can be updated in ACME’s back office, with a single click. Streamlining operational processes and increasing opportunity for earned revenue generation is a win-win with the Ingresso integration as part of the broader ACME ecosystem of partnerships. . 

ACME is dedicated to ensuring that the arts and cultural institutions not only survive but thrive through this pandemic. Offering a cost-effective, flexible, and customizable solution for gardens, museums, zoos, aquariums, and other cultural organizations is a key tenant to ACME’s mission. Specifically, ACME provides the key features necessary to operate successfully moving forward – from timed-ticketing to advanced reservations to contactless entry. As a mission-driven, cloud-based, and open platform, ACME is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of your business, now and in the future. 

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