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ACME will enhance your donation acquisition efforts online and at POS


How to implement a standalone donations page and an integrated-cart donations option through ACME

Donations at the Point of Sale

Quickly accept donations from walk-up guests at the Point of Sale. Optionally add a campaign, fund or appeal and recognition as needed.


ACME offers a robust membership sales and ticketing solution

Member Ticketing

All things member ticketing: purchasing a new membership online and reserving free tickets in a single order, online verification for existing members, back office member benefit management and member sales/use reporting.

Back Office Membership Renewal

You can serve your members with our backend Membership Renewal option. Renew a membership, sell tickets and more – all in one cart!

Back Office Membership Setup

Via the ACME Backoffice, users can configure their membership levels to best fit their needs. You can customize lifecycle actions, renew/upgrade/downgrade rules, entitlements, member cards and more!

Managing Membership Benefits

Members can take advantage of their member benefits, hassle free! Members have the ability to log in via your venues custom ACME buy site, and access the free tickets and discounts they are entitled to.

POS Convert Tickets into a Membership

Quickly convert a general admission visitor into a member by applying their paid admission value toward the cost of a new membership with just a few clicks.

Extending a Membership Term

How to extend a membership term and corresponding membership benefits.

POS Membership Entitlements

You have the ability to assist your members from anywhere at your venue, whether it be at a stationary POS, a designated membership desk, or a mobile POS. Our POS allows for a quick search of any member so you can easily transact.

Ticketing & Events

ACME’s intuitive event management functionality will expedite back office tasks and improve the user experience!

Access Control

Scan to validate tickets or manually retrieve the reservation to mark tickets as used. Our Access Control app provides your staff with the at-a-glance data they need to assist guests at entry.

Adding a Customer Record at POS

Quickly create a customer record at the ACME POS as part of a walk-up sale.

Unified Cart for Online Transactions

ACME’s e-commerce supports a unified cart where tickets, donations and a membership can be purchased in a single order.

Enforcing Ticket Limits

Define the maximum quantity of tickets that can be purchased per event within a single order, across multiple ticket types thereby giving more visitors a chance to reserve before popular events sell out.

Advanced Reservations Timed Ticketing

In addition to general admission, ACME offers the ability to transition to timed ticketing as demonstrated through an online advanced reservation.

POS Group Arrival and Check-in

Quickly check-in a group by adjusting headcount, accepting payment and indicating how many group members have entered.

Rescheduling a Group

How to quickly reschedule a group booking to a new date or time.

POS Coupons

Apply one or more coupons to an order by entering the code or searching through a filtered list of eligible coupons based on items currently in the shopping cart.

Custom Events

With ACME’s powerful Backoffice, users can setup events with ease. Utilize our endless customizations to best fit your business needs.

POS Pay What You Wish

Whether your organization uses an hourly, daily, or monthly donations-based admission program, our Flex Pay feature will make donations acceptance fast and easy.

POS Checkout

Purchasing a ticket via the ACME POS is as simple as 3-taps and done! You can also go paperless and choose to email your guests receipts and tickets.

Ticket Exchanges

In lieu of refunds, give your guests another option to exchange their dated ticket for an open ended certificate

POS Complex Orders

Our POS allows you to purchase multiple items, all in a consolidated cart. You can purchase a membership and tickets all in one cart, with a single transaction.

POS Offline Mode

ACME Offline Mode allows for uninterrupted sales operations in the event that your network goes down. You can keep the line moving and resume operations without losing sales.

Advanced Reporting

Create custom reports or run standard reports easily from anywhere

Standard and Custom Reporting

ACME’s reporting tool allows you to extract data so that you can seamlessly import it into other systems and financial tools.

Reporting Overview

Easily extract data with ACME’s set of standard reports, or build a custom report to fit your specific business needs.


ACME connects to industry leading CRM platforms to create a best-of-breed solution

ACME-Salesforce Integration Overview

Explore ACME’s API integration with Salesforce. The bi-directional, automated integration moves data seamlessly between systems to create a best-of-breed, connected cloud solution for your organization.

Salesforce Spotlight: Membership and Donations

Create and manage memberships in either ACME or Salesforce and see new and updated records in near real time in both systems. Donations, too!

Salesforce Spotlight: Ticketing and Group Sales

Individual, Member, and Group tickets sold through ACME will flow automatically into Salesforce via the API integration along with their corresponding Account and Contact records.

Additional Resources

Learn more about how to get started with ACME and other useful tools

Reseller Integrations

Online Travel Agencies utilize ACME APIs to connect their ticketing system with the ACME Cloud Platform, thereby enabling sales directly from your Organization’s inventory.

ACME Capacity Calculator

We created this calculator to help institutions transition from General Admission to Timed Ticketing when planning their reopening. Here is a walkthrough of how to use ACME’s custom capacity calculator to determine the appropriate capacity for your timed ticketing events.

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