Offline Ticketing

ACME’s Offline Mode feature is designed to overcome the obstacles that are faced during a network connectivity crash, and ensure customer service and guest satisfaction remains at its highest level. ACME eliminates the angst for both front-line employees and visitors, bridging operational gaps caused by Local Area Network (LAN), internet or data center failure.

Offline Ticketing Mode capabilities include:

offline ticketing system for ticket selling
  • No lost transactions – all transactions are placed in a queue and automatically pushed through as soon as connectivity is restored
  • Operations are uninterrupted: continue to sell admission tickets, print receipts and tickets as normal
  • Accept all payment methods including: cash, credit card and check, as well as the ability to use the split payment feature
  • Offline portal in Backoffice: Manage and report on all transactions that occurred while your point of sale device was offline
  • Users can log in and out of the ACME application while in offline mode

Ready to see ACME’s offline ticket selling in action?