Paperless Entry

Go completely paperless with digital tickets, receipts, and membership cards! E-Tickets and E-receipts will not only limit paper-based pollution but will also help to reduce the number of germs being transferred from your staff to patrons. Not only will going ticketless and digital reduce the number of physical interactions, but it will also even allow patrons to pre-purchase online. Advanced purchase of tickets and memberships has the benefits of decreasing the length of lines and crowds and lets your staff quickly scan patrons without touching or issuing physical tickets.

Paperless Entry Capabilities include:

  • Onsite (POS) terminals can be set to print receipts and tickets on demand or not at all
    • Send e-receipts and e-tickets to avoid handling physical receipts for those who wish to have them
  • Limiting interaction with staff at the entrance
    • ACME has APIs to support self-service ticketing kiosks to limit staff interaction with guests at entry
    • Use a large, printed QR code at the main entrance to send guests to purchase online
  • New orders created at the POS are eligible for the “Check-In All” feature on the final sales screen allowing the operator to redeem all tickets in the order in a single tap
    • Eliminates the need to print tickets
    • Guests can skip the access control point completely (limiting staff interaction)
  • Specific events can be configured to never print tickets

Ready to see ACME’s paperless entry in action?