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ACME creates the most powerful network of systems to help make your business soar. Our point of sale and back office connect to leading industry CRM tools including Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge, Humanitru, and Omatic Software.

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ACME Ticketing Partners


Our Salesforce integration is a native force.com app that connects to ACME via APIs. This real-time data integration facilitates the sync of all customer and organization membership and associated transaction data between the two systems.  Your agents can process memberships and donations directly in Salesforce, enabling members to use their benefits online or in person immediately after purchase.  The integration also allows for customer ticketing data to be sent from ACME to Salesforce to unlock analytics and marketing opportunities from within Salesforce.


Raiser’s Edge

Our file-based integration with Raiser’s Edge utilizes flexible data mapping, tailored to meet the unique needs of each venue.  This bridge allows updates to memberships and constituent records to take place in either system, seamlessly keeping each up to date, dramatically reducing, or eliminating, manual entry of data. It unlocks the ability for members to get discounts to tickets in ACME and renew their membership at the same time.

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Our Humanitru integration is natively built to sync all ACME data around ticketing, memberships, and donations to constituent profiles within Humanitru’s Supporter Engagement Platform. Fundraising, marketing, and operations teams can then easily see a holistic view of supporters and make more strategic, data-driven decisions. Through Humanitru, ACME data may also be synced with your accounting system.

Omatic Software

ACME has partnered with Omatic to enable our customers to cleanly transfer data between the ACME platform and Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge, in the most efficient way possible. Our clients export data out of ACME and use Omatic to transform the data for import into their Raiser’s Edge database. This ensures that systems and records are always in sync and up-to-date. We also utilize ImportOmatic to translate and transform data giving us the ability to take files from anywhere and import them into Raiser’s Edge.

ACME + Raiser’s Edge

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