Are Your Visitors Having a Good Experience?

Are Your Visitors Having a Good Experience?

Are Your Visitors Having a Good Experience?

April 25, 2019

At the click of a few buttons, we now can order groceries, clothing or nearly any item or service and go about our day, our time and energy liberated to focus on other priorities. We also can be confident our items will arrive safely and quickly.

Similarly, expectations for a swift, painless and reliable transaction are high when visitors decide to purchase a ticket from your online system for one of your events. And, in return, by fulfilling your visitors’ expectations, you may anticipate reliable returns in the form of a more robust financial bottom line.

Multiplying Revenue Through an Exemplary Visitor Experience

According to one study, 7 Mighty Customer Experience Trends for Retention in 2019, companies who provide exceptional visitor (customer) experiences are rewarded with as much as 5.1X more revenue than companies who do not.

ACME’s cloud-based ticketing system, with its three-tap simplicity to purchase a ticket and 24/7 accessibility—even amid internet disruption—may be just the ticket you need. With ACME, you can deliver individual customer experience while also reaping bottom-line organizational value.

Embracing the Value of Mobile-First Design

Embracing mobile-first design principles, ACME not only ensures a fast and easy experience for your visitor, but also delivers a plethora of value-rich opportunity benefits to your institution. These include:

  •   Robust demographic data;
  •   Advance-purchasing accessibility;
  •   Channel performance reporting (mobile vs. desktop);
  •   Insights into customer-purchasing timelines;
  •   Per-capita revenue uptick;
  •   Membership conversion, enabling cost of visitor tickets be applied to membership.


These muscular benefits do the heavy lifting in regard to increased visitation, shortened visitor wait times, tailored marketing and sales initiatives (including upsell and donations) and overall, streamlined box office operations. Again, this is done all while elevating your revenue and profits.

As well, ACME’s real-time inventory prevents experience bumps in the road such as double-selling the same ticket, which potentially will leave some visitors empty-handed and disappointed.

Attending to Experience Details at Checkout

Moreover, attention to the smallest of details at checkout demonstrates to your visitors that you are flexible and responsive and that you care.  This includes offering the following value-add options:

  •   Multiple forms of payment; e.g., cash, credit card, check, voucher or gift card/coupon;
  •   Split payments;
  •   All-ticket check-in, enabling a customer to enter the event, straightaway;
  •   E-receipt or printed receipt;
  •   On-demand printed member cards (vs. awaiting a mailed version);
  •   Notes section to denote customer’s special needs, such as a wheelchair.


Perpetuating the Exhilarative Experience After the Sale

Moreover, after the purchase, visitors’ mobile devices can perpetuate their exhilarative experience by tapping into your native museum applications. By using a modern, API-based visitor management system, such as ACME, you can pair your venue app with beacon technology at popular exhibits and up sell zones.

Furthering the advantages, therefore, is potential to increase per-capita revenue for your institution by prompting guests to purchase add-ons at the experience rather than requiring they retrace their steps back to the main ticketing desk.

These way-finding and content enrichment apps most likely will be adopted if your institution deploys the following:

  •   Front-line staff, trained to recommend the app at visitor arrival;
  •   Promotional signage strategically positioned throughout your venue;
  •   Applications linked to engaging retail/food locations;
  •   Download prompt available on all guest WiFi networks.

Meeting Visitors’ Expectations for Interactive Experiences

According to The Future of Museums: The Ultimate Visitor Experience, “Visiting a museum is not just about seeing the artifacts and masterpieces in the collection, but also about the transformation that takes place. Museums are changing because people’s expectations are changing.”

They go on to explain that, “Apps on mobile devices, or new audio experience created by the museum, are trending front and center.” The article describes several forms of connection including interactive with integrated touch interaction; user-interest targeted experiences,” and more.

The digital lifestyle is pervasive and your visitors expect you to embrace this virtual reality in your ticketing and event practices, deepening their experience. The first step is eliminating ticket line wait-times so that your visitors have more time to do what they love such as going boating, or simply relaxing, further elevating their experience.

The next step is engaging your visitors at your venue through digital prompts and interactions. This will further inform, enlighten and guide their experience, cementing the value of your cultural institution in their minds and hearts, for months and years, thereafter.

Final Thoughts: Visitor Experience

You can learn more about ACME’s revolutionary visitation transaction management system that offers responsive e-commerce solutions. Contact us today at [email protected] or click here to schedule a complimentary demo of ACME to help streamline your business operations while propelling your visitor interactions to the next level.

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