Art Curator Job Description

Art Curator Job Description
art curator job description

Art Curator Job Description

May 15, 2019

Every museum requires an art curator to help manage, catalog, present, and assemble art and cultural collections.

The role of the art curator is a position sought after by art and museum aficionados who are passionate and knowledgeable about specific art or cultural periods.

What Does an Art Curator Do?

An art curators responsibilities typically include: developing and organizing new collections, maintaining a record of acquisitions and art pieces, extensively researching items (sculptures, paintings, etc), preparing written information and research for art pieces, collaborating with other institutions, managing staff, and collaborating with marketing and communications teams.

The specific responsibilities of the role will depend on the size of the museum or institution.

How Do You Become an Art Curator?

Art curators typically attain postgraduate degrees in museum studies, arts administration with an undergraduate degree in anthropology, archeology, art, art history, history, etc. You’ll commonly find art curators have volunteered or interned at museums previously.

What degree do you need to be an art curator?

To become an art curator, you’ll want to have an undergraduate degree in art, art history, archaeology, anthropology, arts administration, event management, or history. It is also recommended to get a post-graduate degree in museum studies or arts administration as these positions are very competitive.

How Much do Art Curators Make?

According to data from Glassdoor, Art Curators make between $74k-$113k salary per year.

Sample Art Curator Job Description

Our mission is to inspire and build an appreciation for [insert art style here]. As our art curator, you’ll be tasked with developing the artistic vision for our institution, as well as selecting the collections that drive the interest of our visitors and matches our mission.

Responsibilities of our Art Curator include but are not limited to:

  • Working with the communications team to promote the collections.
  • Assess and select artwork in accordance with our institution’s vision and mission.
  • Plan, organize, and select artwork for exhibitions and shows.
  • Develop relationships with the art community and artists.
  • Curate shows in collaboration with artists and technicians.
  • Arrange safe transportation of work to and from the institution, both domestically and internationally.
  • Organize and hire appropriate staff to display artwork.
  • Develop and update the museum/exhibition website.
  • General administration, budgeting, and finance.

Qualifications for our Art Curator Role

  • Ph.D./ABD in art history, museum studies, or similar.
  • 3 years of full-time professional experience.
  • Past success in collaboration across museum departments.
  • Professional in communication and demeanor.
  • Deep knowledge in one’s field of expertise, as well as broad curiosity and interest in different cultures and subject matters.

Final Thoughts: Art Curator Job Description

If you’re in the process of hiring an art curator, then make sure to use the above job description as a template for your very own. Remember, each museum or institution will have to be unique and the job description will require some tailoring for your particular role.

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