The Benefits of Cloud-Based Ticketing Platform

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Ticketing Platform

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Ticketing Platform

Why people are moving to the cloud.
Why cloud is superior to an on-premise server.

April 19, 2019 The idea of investing in a cloud-based ticketing platform can spur angst in an organization entrenched in using an on-premise server.

You may fear lack of customization, loss of data control, potential security issues or the forfeit of some other technological feature. Or, perhaps you fear the drudgery of change, as the idea of moving your crucial ticketing process from one platform to another is overwhelming.

While it is natural to examine the benefits before jumping into the waters of change, beware drowning in analysis paralysis. To help keep you afloat amid this decision-making process, consider these 17 business-growth and efficiency gains benefits you will achieve by investing in a cloud-based ticketing platform.

Benefits of a Cloud Ticketing System

You will …

  1. Wring Savings:

    Shifting to a cloud-based, multi-tenant platform alleviates direct server costs as well as a plethora of other IT expenses. It also unfetters IT resources to focus on core business-growth initiatives.

  2. Achieve Economies of Scale While Powering Up Your Ticketing Process:

    Maximized for efficiency via a single code base serving multiple customers (versus numerous versions, as with on-premise systems), ACME’s online platform delivers high-performance. In other words, you gain the benefit of a bigger, more powerful engine to rev up your ticketing process, while sharing distributed costs.‌

  3. Liberate Your Data Across the Enterprise:

    ACME eradicates costly bespoke systems integration, eliminating hundreds of hours of extra work. Leveraging inter-application (middleware) connectors and open APIs, they share data with other enterprise applications—CRM, accounting, finance, marketing—including partnerships with Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge. This frees you to select the optimal applications that serve your core business functions.

  4. Reap the Efficiencies of a True Cloud Model:

    Your venue will only need computers and an internet connection to access the platform. Any code update or features implementation ripples through to your platform, at which point you can tailor to your needs. This multi-tenancy model is the most efficient model presently on the planet—delivering more benefits for a lower price.

  5. Achieve the Flexibility of Fully Customizable Processes:

    Designed for resiliency, ACME’s museum ticketing software is easily configurable to accommodate your business processes versus wedging your business into the confines of ACME software requirements. Create tailored pricing, and establish custom events, memberships and levels.

  6. Emancipate Your Mobility and Interact With Your Guests In-Line. Relax in the Bahamas While Processing Your Next Sale!

    Easily connecting 24/7 to standard mobile WiFi or cell networks, ACME’s Point of Sale (POS) technology metamorphoses your e-commerce sales capabilities; e.g., multiple, global locations and rapid entry-point scale-up during peak periods.

  7. Create a White Labeled Online Store Front:

    ACME is invisible to your customer, as your buy site is fully customized (white labeled) to your website. Bottom line: your customer will NOT be routed to a third-party site.

  8. Offer a Seamless Online Visitor Experience:

    Online ticketing, membership, donations and simple retail consolidate seamlessly into a single purchasing flow, in sync with your front-end e-commerce store. Moreover, open APIs further enable a custom visitor experience.

  9. Achieve Real-Time Inventory Connecting to POS + Back of House (Phone) Online Sales Channels:

    No longer will visitors’ hopes be crushed when they walk in with a ticket, only to discover their event is sold out. No longer will they be powerless to purchase because available tickets were released to a different platform.

  10. Unlock the Value of Continuous Offline Operations:

    Offline mode ensures POS transactions continue uninterrupted, including placing orders in the queue and printing tickets. Orders placed offline automatically will push through later, when internet connectivity is restored.

  11. Sail Ahead Into Decades-Long Cloud Engineering Reliability:

    Technologically advanced and born in the cloud, ACME is durably built for a decades-long life. ACME quickly incorporates new developments into their platform, ensuring continually reliable public hosting, open HTTP protocols and a myriad of other technologically necessary systems.

  12. Garner Highly Reliable Performance:

    99.9% Uptime:
    The cloud ticketing platform is muscularly founded on Amazon Web Services public hosting infrastructure. The data center runs on comprehensively reliable operating systems; a redundant architecture (enabling higher uptime in event of component failure); and stateless, fault tolerant technology. Rapid capacity-adding capabilities facilitate increased traffic and sustainable 99.9% uptime service levels.

  13. Receive Frequent, Automatic Software Updates, Enhancements and Innovations:

    Unshackle your company from outdated technology with ACME’s modern, continuously updated approach. ACME simply pushes the software updates to you; all stations in a multi-station venue will concurrently update.

  14. Prioritize Highest Levels of Security to Protect Customer Data:

    ACME is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 certified for online and POS. Digital encryption to comply with security standards, enable deployment on standard networks, avoid data breaches and protect your organization’s reputation is a priority investment.

  15. Embrace Hassle-free Hardware:

    ACME’s super sleek, easy to deploy mobile technology connects wirelessly and includes iPad, iPod and receipt printer. You can sell a ticket in three taps via a variety of payment options; e.g., Apple Pay; Google Pay; etc. Moreover, upselling and converting single tickets into memberships is swift and simple, ensuring a smooth experience for your customers.

  16. Produce Robust Reporting:

    Quench your business reporting appetite using 30 prebuilt reports or build as many as you want using 250 custom filters. Constructed for cloud scale, ACME’s reporting tool can query large data sets while maintaining application performance. Data insight export capabilities into standard BI (business intelligence) tools offer another option for more complex data needs.

  17. Reap the Benefits of a Hands-On Customer Support Team.

    Ninety percent of ACME’s client services team members derived from the industry after embracing their innovative, industry-changing technology. ACME’s customer support is high touch and hands on and includes delivering on-site training, ensuring your transition experience is swift and painless.

Final Thoughts: Cloud Ticketing Systems

Are you in the process of remedying a subpar and/or outdated ticketing system? Or, perhaps your curiosity is now piqued regarding the revolutionary way your visitors may interact via a more-modern, cloud-based ticketing system. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation demo of ACME and help catapult your organization to the next level.

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