Case Studies

Gardens & Arboretums

Major Garden Enlists ACME for Operational ROI

The Challenge

After years of grappling with a ticketing system that required more administrative work, limited opportunities for frontline success, and hampered business evolution, this Garden looked to overhaul their visitor-serving technology.

The Solution

With a multi-year operational and technology strategy defined, the Garden embarked on improving the following business processes in the near-term as a direct result of deploying ACME:

  • Adult & School Groups Management
  • Membership Sales Management
  • Solution Administration
  • Guest Experience Management
  • Integration Across Technology Platforms

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Labor & Time Savings

Within the first year of full operation with the ACME solution, the Garden anticipates an savings of almost 50% in associated time necessary to complete the identified process improvement areas.

· Greater efficiencies in daily operations

· Savings on hourly labor costs

· Ability to focus more time to value-add tasks

Improved Operations at a Land Conservancy

The Challenge

A large Massachusetts based land conservancy with nearly 150 properties, some of which are in remote locations, and approximately 50 requiring ticketing operations, was looking for a ticketing provider to:

  • Enable offline sales capability
  • Improve the online ticketing experience
  • Reduce ticketing administration time
  • Offer APIs for integration


The organization also  wanted a solution to enable a seamless transition to a new CRM in the future (if desired) and integration with a new custom website.

The Solution

The land conservancy contacted ACME for a rapid deployment of timed ticketing and member validation to ensure they were best positioned to embrace summer crowds upon reopening during the pandemic.


ACME APIs allow for extension into CRM and custom web experiences on any CMS.

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Key Benefits

The land conservancy is implementing ACME ticketing throughout its Massachusetts properties. Event staff are spending less time configuring events and more time focusing on the guest experience.

· Timed ticketing

· Geographically dispersed offline ticketing at POS

· Improved reporting

A Garden and Sculpture Park in the Midwest

The Challenge

In the throes of physical transformation, including their Visitor Center, this beautiful park sought a new ticketing system, with a goal to accommodate:

  1. 25 ticket locations across 3 locations
  2. Large, primarily volunteer/docent staff

The Solution

ACME architected a modern, mobile ticketing solution with a small physical footprint. The cloud-based solution was imperative to ensure:

  • All terminals across 25 stations were continuously in-sync and up-to-date

The intuitive POS ensured:

  • Smooth training of elderly staff

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Mobile + Modern Point of Sale

This client achieved a mobile, modern, fast + intuitive Point of Sale solution–operational across multiple ticketing locations on a vast campus.

· Mobile

· Intuitive POS

· Cloud-based

A Unique Botanical Garden on the West Coast

The Challenge

This garden sought to authenticate purchasers using member-only discounts, with an aim to:

  1. Convert from an honor system to a verification system
  2. Stem revenue drain from non-members receiving discounted rates

The Solution

Exported member data files from their custom CRM system + imported into ACME’s system. ACME’s system allows:

  • Members to verify their membership + purchase discounted tickets online
  • Non-members to purchase full-price tickets

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Simple Member Ticketing

Using ACME’s system, they was able to publish + automate ticketing for multiple events online + ensure that member discounts + select events were exclusively available to verified members.

· Operational efficiency

· Implemented easily and quickly

· Improved member experience

One of the Largest Arboretums on the West Coast

The Challenge

This arboretum sought to rejuvenate operations, with an objective to:

  1. Modernize/expand ticketing
  2. Transform membership operations
  3. Preserve personalized visitor experiences

The Solution

They moved from ALL manual processes to ACME’s modern, mobile, cloud-based solution for both ticketing + membership needs. Implementing ACME POS fuels:

  • More + faster ticket sales
  • Immediate member benefits
  • Data flow between systems, by connecting to Raiser’s Edge
  • Data/report extraction across all functions

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Modernizing Ticketing & Membership

ACME’s cloud-based, POS solutions emancipated data flow while speeding ticket sales, mobilizing reporting + enhancing overall customer experience.

· Raiser’s Edge

· Point of Sale

· Membership