Case Studies

Zoos & Aquariums

Streamlining Operations at a TripAdvisor Top 10 Aquarium

The Challenge

For many years this aquarium in Hawaii used different solutions for online and onsite ticketing. In Q3 2019 they opened a world-class, immersive dome experience underscoring the need for an integrated sales platform. Additionally, the organization wanted more mobile options for staff to guest engagement.

The Solution

The Aquarium selected ACME to replace their online, onsite and back office ticketing/event platforms and are subsequently experiencing a number of immediate benefits:

  • Enhanced reporting
  • Real-time sales data across all channels
  • Mobile options for onsite sales and redemption

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Streamlined Operations

The Aquarium worked quickly to implement ACME in little over 4 weeks and is leveraging the full power of ACME’s cloud platform

  • Admission ticketing
  • Contactless entry
  • Improved reporting
  • API reseller integration

Modernizing Operations at a Canadian Aquarium

The Challenge

Like many organizations, this Canadian Aquarium was impacted by COVID-19 and closed for a period of time. The Aquarium took this opportunity to re-evaluate technology and determined a change was needed to re-open successfully.

The Solution

The Aquarium selected ACME to replace their current ticketing system and integrate with RE NXT for donor management. ACME enabled several important goals for the Aquarium:

  • Timed ticketing
  • Contactless payments and entry
  • Paperless ticketing
  • Integration with RE NXT
  • Online travel agency integration

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Successful Opening

This large Aquarium was able to rapidly implement ACME and re-open successfully as planned.

  • Timed ticketing
  • Contactless entry
  • Membership database
  • API options for the future

Using ACME Event APIs in the Pacific Northwest

The Challenge

In response to heightened guest safety measures due to COVID-19, this large aquarium in the Pacific Northwest decided to implement timed ticketing and advance member reservations to prevent overcrowding at the Aquarium.

The Solution

As a standard ACME feature, timed ticketing is available through all sales channels.


This aquarium wanted to add a few bells and whistles to the purchasing process so they decided to use ACME APIs to incorporate the transaction process directly into their website.

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Increased Safety

Using ACME APIs, the aquarium was able to quickly and successfully pivot from general admission to timed ticketing while maintaining their custom website.

  • ACME Event APIs
  • Timed ticketing
  • Safe and happy guests

An Illustrious Aquarium in the Pacific Northwest

The Challenge

This aquarium focused on 3 goals for their website e-commerce pages:

  1. Easy-to-manage + update, now and years into the future
  2. Bolstered visibility to visitor, across all screens + all devices
  3. Modern design + exemplary user experience

The Solution

They hired a web development group to leverage ACME APIs + construct a custom end-to-end user journey for ticketing + membership.


  • Membership
  • Ticketing
  • Donations

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Creative Workflows via API

By using ACME APIs, they powered several innovative features displayed by their core website CMS:

  • CityPASS pop-up upsell prompt when guests click “Buy Tickets”
  • Single-page transactional process
  • Resident vs. Non-Resident pricing
  • Membership upsell triggered when guests add tickets to the shopping cart
  • Round-up donations (in addition to fixed and variable amounts)
  • Membership Gift Certificates
  • Custom ordering of most popular membership levels

A Northwestern Aquarium

The Challenge

This aquarium was integrating with Raiser’s Edge, and the membership team needed to:

  1. Understand multiple complex sales scenarios to thoroughly test the file interface with Raiser’s Edge
  2. Achieve peak-season go-live

The Solution

Efficiency-minded, a small team assembled daily in a conference room to:

  • Define and test all scenarios together, (using their favorite TV characters)
  • Clarify a decision-making framework
  • Prioritize go-live initiatives

Top Reasons for Choosing ACME

Testing with Enthusiasm

The testing team transformed a somewhat laborious activity, completing it quickly through group brainstorming + collaboration.

· Interface testing

· Interactive & hands-on

· Fun