Classy Fundraising Page

Classy Fundraising Page
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Classy Fundraising Page

Generating excitement around a fundraising effort is a huge part of the battle, but it’s not everything. When you succeed in captivating donors and inspiring them to give, you also want to make sure that your fundraising page is easy to navigate, professional, and an overall seamless experience for your users.

This is why creating a classy, aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-navigate fundraising page is so important. Below we’ll look at what you can do to create a classy and elegant fundraising page that will help drive your cause. 

Key parts of a fundraising page

There are three fundamental aspects of fundraising that should be showcased on your fundraising page. Those three parts include your Mission Statement and purpose, the actual donation document, and your request to donate. 

  • Mission statement
    • Your mission statement should underscore your organization’s focus, purpose, and responsibilities to the public or topic that you’re committed to. This is your introduction to visitors on your websites, donors, and to the world, so make it count. Be honest and specific in what your organization values and what it aims to do. 
  • Donor document 
    • This is one of the most important aspects of your fundraising page. It should be very easy for website visitors to find the link to their donor information document so they can fill out the firm, enter their personal information, include their payment option, and proceed with a donation. Donor information forms that are difficult to find will deter potential donors who simply couldn’t find the link.  
  • “Give Now!” Statement
    • The “Give Now” statement should be right next to your donor documentation link. It should provide a brief statement that encourages visitors to donate and give now. It should be short and sweet, but it’s your final task and should highlight anything that wasn’t said in your mission statement. 

While these are things you will typically find on most fundraising pages, you can add other information or images, like the success of your last fundraising efforts or other cool things your organization is up to, to create some richness to your website. 

Best practices for a classy fundraising page

Regardless of what you include in your fundraising website page, there are a few best practices that all fundraising organizations should be following. With the following tips, you can ensure an aesthetically pleasing website page that is easy to use and will lead to recurring donors and members. 

  • Simplicity is key to turning interested visitors into donors. When your webpage is laid elegantly and simply, it will be easy for visitors to identify your organization’s mission statement and donate seamlessly. This means keeping your fundraising page short, utilizing clear language, and having a seamless layout.
  • Your brand, mission statement, and organization’s ethos should be consistent throughout your webpage. This comes down to utilizing the right color scheme, images, and language that are most representative of your organization and your cause. 
  • You should be highlighting your previous fundraising efforts and the kind of success that they had. Including a video or image of a previous donor drive to show the impact of what you are doing within your organization. You can also follow up with donors to show them what their donation contributed to, which will ensure growth for the future. 
  • You want to build donors for the future, which will be much easier if you have a recurring donation option in your donor form. With an advanced donor management system, those features are easy to implement. Make it easy for donors to make recurring donations with a simple click on your donor form and build a community for the long-term. 
  • Your fundraising page, donor system, and membership management should be accessible to anyone and on tablets and mobile devices. With a large amount of donations being made through smartphones and mobile devices, about 25%, accessibility and mobile-friendly features are a necessity

By following the best practices and tips laid out in this article, you will be well on your way to managing a successful fundraising cycle that will generate members for future growth. 

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