Contactless Entry: The Future is Here

Contactless Entry: The Future is Here
contactless entry

Contactless Entry: The Future is Here

For cultural institutions looking to reopen and update for modern health and safety, contactless entry and services are a must. Many institutions have been able to actually implement these contactless safety protocols quickly, giving them the ability to reopen their doors through the pandemic. There are several different approaches and protocols that can be taken when considering moving your institutions to a contactless and touch-free experience, all of which can be used to ensure safety and a speedy reopening. 

Contactless Check-In

To limit interactions with guests, several of our clients have used ACME’s open REST APIs to build custom, unattended access control check-in stations. 

How Do the Check-in Stations Work?

The application operates on any device with a camera, iOS or android,  and uses the native camera to scan guest tickets – no human interaction needed. Guests simply place their phones or printed ticket within view of the camera and they are instantly checked-in. Chances are you have this hardware laying around your institution today, and the technology can be easily deployed.

In addition to Access Control ticket validation, you have the ability to scan member cards and rebook tickets. This becomes extremely useful especially for institutions enforcing time-based entry.  A contactless iPad station can be customized to include:

  • No Touch Entry
  • Automatic Ticket Validation
  • Customer Data Capture
  • Access Control APIs
  • Automatic Ticket Rebooking
  • Manual Ticket Rebooking
  • At-a-glance Real-Time Sales Data
  • Order Search

You can learn more about ACME’s APIs to enable this type of functionality here, or click to request a demo and learn more from a member of our team.

Robot Attendants: The Next Step in Contactless Entry and Retail

When you think back to movies like Star Wars or iRobot, what comes to mind? If it’s robot butlers and attendants, then look no further. Several leading institutions have already made that future a reality. To take contactless entry and retail points to another level, you can start by using retail robots to enable contactless guest entry.

Why Contactless Entry Robots?

Due to COVID-19, institutions are exploring innovative and low resource methods of increasing safety measures in a modern, yet practical way. By limiting interactions with front-line staff, you are taking the necessary measures to protect your guests and staff while banking on the evolution of modern technology.

How Are Contactless Point of Sale Robots Possible?

By combining ACME’s technology with a Robot device much like the one you have seen in a mall or movie theater,  you can create a fleet of robot service attendants. These Robots autonomously navigate through the entry area, greeting guests, and prompting them to check in by showing their tickets. The robots use their cameras to scan the tickets without ever making contact with guests. 

This can all be made possible through ACME’s Access Control API and hardware integration. To learn more about implementing a similar system at your institution, click here to request a demo with a member of our team. 

Contactless Trends Here to Stay

In the wake of COVID-19, many institutions have had to rethink their processes. Institutions are shifting from the reliance of front-line staff for check-in and ticket purchasing and allowing them to focus more on important efforts throughout the institution. As institutions continue to invest in contactless technology and policies, you can expect to see these become more prevalent worldwide. 

As a result, what we’re seeing now is more efficiently run institutions that reduce contact to create an overall more hygienic experience for guests and staff. While not all institutions will be implementing robot service attendants, it’s a great first look at the future of the cultural institution industry and the direction we are headed.

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