Customer Service Tips for Museums

Customer Service Tips for Museums
museum customer service

Customer Service Tips for Museums

Customer service, in any industry, is nearly as important as the quality of the product or experience that an organization is offering. 

This is especially true for museums where guests are expected to spend up to several hours in a confined space. If visitors aren’t comfortable in your museum because of sub-par customer service, then they will likely overlook all the effort you’ve put into the contents of your exhibits. 

Even if you’ve put the time, money, and creative energy that goes into curating an awesome exhibit, it won’t amount to much if your guests are left bitter from a poor customer service interaction. 

Below are some essential customer service tips for museums. 

Ensure Positive Staff Interaction

This is one of the more tricky customer service points to assess because, as an administrator or manager, you don’t have control over every single member of your staff. Additionally, there’s more ambiguity with direct staff encounters because human interactions can be complicated and people, even staff members, do have bad days from time to time.

What you can do, however, is take steps to create a positive work environment and develop a clear set of service standards for your employees to follow. Setting a competent service standard is straightforward task, requiring you to develop a written copy of standards and post them regularly throughout staff rooms, emails, and in meetings.

Building a positive work environment is a process that you have to reinforce and encourage to your staff members. 

You need to:

  • Provide clear and open channels of communication.
  • Recognize hard work.
  • Provide trust in your staff. 
  • Have some fun with your team.
  • Listen to what your team has to say.
  • Lead by example.

Service Tips to Improve the Ticket Booth Experience

One of the first things your visitors will see upon entering or approaching your museum is the ticket booth. You want to make sure that your guests start their visit with a positive experience at the booth, and this can be done in a few ways.


  • Quick and Seamless Lines: The worst thing for visitors to see upon entering your museum is a long line at the ticket booth. Having an innovative, simple, and competent ticketing software will ensure lines and ticketing transactions are a joyful experience for both guests and staff. State-of-the-art ticketing technology will move lines quicker, run more efficiently, and start the day off right for your customers.



  • Online Ticketing: The same is true of all your online sales. You want to the online ticketing process to be easy and intuitive for guests. Your online experience should be seamless, promote your brand, and be an enjoyable process for guests. 



  • Happy Staff: Happy staff members lead to happy customers. If the first thing a customer sees behind the ticket booth is a smiling staff member waiting for them, they’re going to feel comfortable and welcomed. Reinforcing positivity with your staff members and maintaining a healthy work culture is the key here.



  • Flexible POS: Investing in a flexible and state-of-the-art POS system will not only help lines move quicker, it can also you give more opportunities to promote membership benefits and build returning visitors. A flexible POS will allow your staff members to approach visitors with a tablet or smartphone to introduce member benefits, sell tickets on the floor, fill out surveys, and address customer needs and questions. 


Understanding Your Guests

In a museum, it’s important to connect with visitors in order to better understand their interests. If you can better understand and connect with your guests, you can gear your exhibits to their interests and increase membership opportunities.

With the help of technology, museums can now utilize the power of Customer Management Relation (CRM) applications and features. An innovative CRM will allow you to keep track of customers, contact them in the best manner, identify seasonal trends and visitor patterns, and develop strategies around the data that you collect and store. 

You can create short and long-term strategies based around the information in your CRM and get a birds’-eye view of your customer relations. 

While there’s a lot that goes into customer service, ACME believes that no museum should worry about complicated and tedious technology features.

Our cloud-based ticketing technology gives your guests the flexibility to book tickets and membership with ease and joy. Make your staff and guests have the best experience possible and try the ACME demo today.

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