Event Ticketing Integration For Salesforce

Event Ticketing Integration For Salesforce

Event Ticketing Integration For Salesforce

One of the biggest challenges that cultural institutions and nonprofits face when managing their members and donations is data aggregation and technological needs. 

Trying to manage back end needs, hardware, ticketing, memberships, donations, and fundraising efforts requires a diverse set of tools and technologies that are hard to manage and bring together – but it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

With the help of Salesforce and other third-party solutions, ACME Ticketing has unified a multi-channel and multi-product into an all-in-one platform that has everything nonprofits and cultural institutions need to manage their tickets, members, data, events, marketing needs, and donations.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a state-of-the-art CRM solution that aggregates all visitor interactions and transactions into a single customer record. This gives nonprofits and cultural institutions a full view of their guest engagement within their venues. This is great for both ticket and event management, but it can also inform long-term efforts like marketing campaigns, event planning, program coordination, and more. 

When you understand your visitors and member’s interests, you can cater to those interests and grow members and lifelong relationships. Salesforce gives you the capacity to make those connections and drive members. 

Salesforce is important to organizations because it streamlines and automates a lot of your ticketing and visitor management needs. Without a robust CRM, there’s no way for organizations to effectively oversee how guests are engaging with your venues and events. This will make it harder to sell tickets, translate visitors to members, and plan for the future. 

ACME integration with Salesforce

ACME has partnered up with Salesforce to give organizations the best of member management, marketing management, donor management, and ticketing management. ACME’s Salesforce Lightning Ready package is easy to integrate into your system and allows users to market, manage, and sell memberships through their own website, as well as ACME’s fully mobile Point of Sale. 

ACME’s Salesforce integration is a native app that connects to ACME via APIs. This allows you to integrate and facilitate all your customer data, memberships, and transactional data between the two systems. Agents can process memberships and donations directly through Salesforce, which allows members to take advantage of online benefits immediately after their initial purchases. 

Salesforces comes with a number of analytic and marketing capabilities, which enables institutions to benefit from the data they receive and create long-term membership and donor-drive strategies. 

Simplifying event ticketing, donor, and member management

ACME with Salesforce integration will simplify your event ticketing, donor, and management needs through ACME’s all-in-one platform. Some of the key benefits of ACME’s partnership with Salesforce includes:

  • Marketing Communications
    • Improve your visitor engagement efforts by reaching out to visitors at the right time and in the right way. Segment your databases based on what your visitors and donors are interested in, which you’ll be able to gather from their previous donations, purchases, attendance records, activities, and institutional visits. From this point, all you need to do is develop the right marketing and event development strategies to cater to visitors’ interests and watch your memberships/donors grow. 
  • Fundraising
    • With ACME, you can manage every step of the fundraising and donor journey, overseeing any issues along the way. You’ll be able to optimize donor interactions by providing custom messages to potential donors, deep linking your website from your emails and social media interactions, and making it easy for visitors to donate through a streamlined flow for donation-only orders
  • Grant Management
    • ACME offers customizable and scalable tools to handle grant management needs such as regularly scheduled reports and automated tasks, making grant compliance easier.
  • Program Management
    • Take control of your programs and events with ACME through an easy-to-use interface for scheduling, delivering, managing, and tracking public programs and special events. ACME minimizes the need for program coordinator to sift between different tools, allowing them to automate would normally be a set of tedious tasks. 

ACME and Salesforce will transform the way you manage your institutions and nonprofits

ACME and its partners have created a digital ecosystem that optimizes your operational performance, mobility and flexibility, and the customer experience. Your visitors will be able to make donations, become members, and attend events with ease, and your employees will the ability to manage and track every aspect of the visitor journey from one simple solution.

Try the ACME demo today to see how ACME and its partners can transform the way you organize and manage your institutions. 

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