The Importance of Data Security

The Importance of Data Security
importance of data security

The Importance of Data Security

Online data security is a crucial consideration when investing in cloud technology.

In today’s world, we are continually inputting personal data into mobile, blue-tooth and cloud-connected devices. As such, vulnerability to ill-intentioned parties has skyrocketed, as cybercriminals bulldoze their way into unsecured systems.

Customers’ credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, travel information, drivers’ license numbers, etc., are among the personal information exposed to these adversaries.

According to Taylor Armerding in The 18 Biggest Data Breaches of the 21st Century, one of the most impactful breaches in this century involved 500 million Marriott International customers.

“Marriott believes the credit card numbers and expiration dates of more than 100 million customers were stolen,” said Armerding.

Shield Your Customers’ Online Data While Safeguarding Your Museum’s Reputation

Reports show that cybercriminals are on the prowl every day to pursue their next data attack. Choosing a data-secure company like ACME ensures your museum guests feel safe and secure from these attackers, while also preserving your institution’s reputation.

A contractor to the federal government, ACME has undergone the intense scrutiny to fulfill rigorous cyber security compliance requirements. As a result of ACME’s compliance initiatives, they recently thwarted an online data security breach for a museum client, protecting them from potential tens of thousands of dollars in losses.

ACME Continually Invests in High-Compliance Data Security Tools

To further augment their proven value, ACME recently secured a contract to install Cloudflare above their stack, buttressing an already highly compliant security and performance foundation.

This initiative includes a Web Application Firewall that implements the main Open Web Application Security Project rules against top known online threats, integral to renewal compliances and ongoing National Archives and Records Administration security scrutiny.

Cloudflare also provides rate limits to block potential card attacks on specific flows or simply to protect server capacity with more granular velocity controls. Other security benefits include turning on secure DNSEC—a Federal regulation for its own agencies.

No-Hassle, Cost-Effective Security Upgrade

ACME’s Cloudflare security upgrade will align with your museum to achieve more efficient, cost-effective guest-enjoyment results.

This improvement’s cost-saving innovation works on the cloud, foregoing on-premise installation and management. It is highly configurable and compliant in regard to Payment Card Industry (PCI) and privacy (healthcare and government sector supported).

As well, subtle front-end code changes will spur application performance speed, with the goal of instant response for museum users, when possible. Moreover, deeper insight into your application programming interface (API) usage into ACME’s infrastructure will enhance ACME’s ability to serve and support your evolving needs.

Committed to Online Data Security From Day One

ACME’s investment in data security has been evident from day one, and includes foundational PCI security compliance, protecting your customers’ payment card information. PCI compliance is required for all merchants that store, transmit or process payment card information. ACME is PCI Level 1 certified for their online and point of sale flows.

All entry to the data centers are secure with https. Payment and transaction flows are encrypted end-to-end on a point-to-point basis; ACME stores no actual credit card numbers, only encrypted versions manufactured by their trusted payment processors.

EMV-based hardware further shrinks potential card fraud linked to magnetic stripes.

Moreover, as earlier mentioned, ACME has passed the strictest governmental regulations, as a government contractor. They follow the U.S. Federal FIPS-140-2 privacy laws government protection of personal information (PII) by ensuring all data is encrypted at rest; and, by providing configuration privacy controls to disable cookies for outbound transactional emails, at the client’s request.

Proof of Compliance Through Third-Party Examinations

Further fortifying ACME’s security solidity is the independent third-party Attestation of Compliance examination report that articulates ACME’s key compliance achievements and objectives. These reports, disclosable on-demand via the finance team, independently verify the controls ACME uses to support operations and compliance.

High Online Data Security, Low-Cost, True Cloud Platform

A commitment to hosting and securing your customer database at a lower ongoing cost is enabled by leveraging one investment across all tenants. This multi-tenant, true cloud platform is a comprehensive enterprise system that pledges to provide enduring out-of-the-box security and privacy compliances as well as zero downtime on your end.

Would you like to learn more about how the most secure transaction processing platform can transform the way your visitors interact? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation demo of ACME’s flexible solution to safeguarding data while simultaneously providing an exhilarating customer relationship experience.

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