Instagram for Nonprofits

Instagram for Nonprofits
instagram for nonprofits

Instagram for Nonprofits

Any competent marketing strategy for nonprofits, or really any business in the 21st century, can’t ignore the enormous influence that instagram has on today’s public. In fact, recent research published on Balance Small Business indicates that Instagram grew to 111 million users last year, half of which are between 18-29 years of age.  

But how do you, as a nonprofit institution, create an instagram account that will accrue followers, engage your guests and members, and promote your greater brand and mission statement?

While it might seem like a tall task to build a successful instagram task from scratch, there are some best practices and key strategies that nonprofits can implement to help them broaden their social media presence.

Below are some tips, examples, and guides to building a successful instagram account as a nonprofit. 

Getting your Nonprofit Instagram Account Started

The first thing you’re going to do when starting your instagram account is to make it a “business” profile. Signing up as a business profile has several perks that you can utilize in creating your profile. 

Among other things, a business profile will allow you to:

  • Categorize yourself as a non-profit so users know what your organization is right away
  • You’ll be able to create instagram ads 
  • Instagram will provide you with powerful analytics and updates on important metrics. You’ll gain access to advanced insights like reach, impressions, and follower details.
  • You can add your hours of operation and links to your website, contact information, and other information regarding your event schedule
  • You can include donation links onto your stories
  • Link your instagram to other social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter, allowing you to run ads simultaneously on both outlets

Instagram Best Practices for Nonprofits

Once you’ve made your business profile account and linked your relevant websites and additional social media profiles, you can start focusing on how to build a following and market your non-profit. 

Below are some best practices to follow when building your presence on instagram.

  • Include your organizations link in your bio: Although you can include donations in your stories, Instagram won’t allow you to add links to your posts. Since a single post can’t usually tell the whole story you’re aiming to communicate, be sure to make your website accessible by dropping a link in your bio. Your bio is typically one of the first thing Instagram users will see, and providing a bio link will make it easy for anyone to find out more about your organization.
  • Make sure your account is appealing, complete, and accurate: On Instagram, your profile is your homepage and is one of the first things users will see when they find you. You want to make sure you have an appealing, relevant profile picture and that you’ve filled out every section of your profile. If you have a logo, be sure to include it. If your non-profit has a slogan, make sure it’s easy to see. You want to be able to communicate what your organization represents with a simple glance of the eye, and making an aesthetically appealing and complete profile is an important first step to success. 
  • Tag relevant Instagram profiles: Non-profits often work together with other organizations, community members, charity funds, and donation associations. Utilize your third-party network and tag them into your posts and stories. Not only will they appreciate the shoutout, but you can ensure that they’ll see your posts and be updated on the happenings of your institution. 
  • Develop a content strategy: One way to get your institution out there is by providing a steady stream of content. Highlight any upcoming exhibitions or events, post pictures of what you’re organization is up to, and create posts that are in dialogue with relevant current events in your field. You want to interact with your followers as a valuable, invested, and engaged member of the community you represent. 

Examples of Great Nonprofit Instagram Accounts

Sometimes it’s simply better to see a few examples of non-profit organizations who have turned their instagram profiles into a success. 

  • National Geographic: With name recognition and an array of beautiful photos to post at a moment’s notice, it’s perhaps no surprise that National Geographic has made the list.
  • Doctors Without Borders: Doctors without borders is a great example of how an important message and great cause can carry the success of your Instagram account.
  • NPR: NPR’s Instagram page reflects much of their news stories. Images of political candidates, current events, and international affairs are scattered throughout their posts.
  • The New York Public Library: If you’re an art, history, or cultural exhibit, there’s a lot to learn about how The New York Public Library utilizes content to engage with their community. 

We hope these tips are the first steps to a long and successful Instagram life for your nonprofit institution. 

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