Top Museum Studies and Educational Programs

Top Museum Studies and Educational Programs
museum studies and educational programs

Top Museum Studies and Educational Programs

The enriching experience of a day at a museum, surrounded by inspiring exhibits and artifacts, can resonate with someone throughout their entire life. It may inspire some so much that they decide to take on the task of directing, curating, or working in a museum. 

Since we’re now seeing some of the most impactful and immediate changes in how museums are run, it’s more important than ever for professionals to get engaged with museum study programs and collaborate with academics in order to understand these changes and develop strong operational strategies. 

Below is ACME’s list for the top museum studies and educational programs in the United States. 

Top Museum Studies and Educational Programs

  • John Hopkins University: It shouldn’t be a surprise that John Hopkins has made the list given the number of prestigious programs the university holds. John Hopkins offers a Master of Arts in Museum Studies Studies program that is focused on the future of museums in the 21st century. Their program will look at the theory and practice of museology in order to assess the fast coming socio-political and technological innovations that are changing the ways museums function. While the majority of the program is online, there is an intensive two-week seminar that takes place in Washington D.C. Their program takes 1-2 years for the completion of ten courses. 


  • George Washington University: The Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at George Washington offers one of the best Museum Studies programs in the country. Their two-year program was established in 1976 and includes a comprehensive twelve-course overview of both core classes as well as several electives. GWU has a strong emphasis on networking and learning from practice, requiring all students to take an internship and to work closely with an advisor. The program also emphasizes flexibility, providing students with the option to take four specialization courses of their choosing that relates to their interest or background. 



  • Tufts University: Offering three Masters of Arts programs through the departments of Art and Art History, History, and Education, Tufts University offers one of the most comprehensive museum studies programs in the nation. Tufts is focused on developing graduates into seasoned museum professionals so they can hit the ground running when they enter the workforce. Each of their three programs has its own different requirements, but all of their programs have both required core courses as well as electives so students can specialize in their own interests. Tufts also offers a museum certificate that students can get along the way to completing their master’s degree or terminally.



  • University of Washington–Seattle Campus: The University of Washington offers a full-time, two-year program that brings students into a community of learners and museum professionals. UW’s program integrates both theory and practice in order to provide a flexible, comprehensive, and practical series of courses. Faculty incorporate their research throughout the learning experience to give students the opportunity to identify, based on their hands-on work, what works and what doesn’t. There are several specializations, including museum evaluations, and a number of paid internship opportunities. UW’s program is extensive enough that students can integrate both research and practice as a means to grounding their studies in all aspects of museology. 



  • Harvard Extension School: Harvard Extension School offers a Masters in Museum Studies. The program is mostly online, requiring the completion of ten courses with two of those take on-site. The program is focused on the operations of running a museum in the 21st century. Learning outcomes include specific, operational procedures like visitor engagement, research, preservation, fundraising, marketing, and legal issues. Students will also gain an understanding of the shifts in technology and social media, providing them with an understanding of the current changes in the industry. The program emphasizes hands-on learning and a practical, active learning approach. 


Museums, large and small, continue to be one of the most beloved and visited attractions for locals and tourists. Although the industry is changing quickly, there are several excellent museum studies programs that are examining these changes and preparing future museum workers accordingly.

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