Museum Website Designs We Love

Museum Website Designs We Love
museum website designs

Museum Website Designs We Love

Most of the time, we like to think of experiencing art, history, and science in the quiet, serene setting of a museum. All museum aficionados know and love the feeling of entering a new exhibit with a tall, extended ceiling, clear white walls, and an arm’s reach proximity from the captivating art and relics that surround them.

Unfortunately, we can’t take our favorite pieces home with us, nor do we always have access or time to make a visit to a museum. Luckily, however, there a myriad of beautifully designed and engaging museum websites online that we can access anytime, anywhere. Museum enthusiasts can look through online galleries, listen to art/history podcasts, peruse through interesting museum-related blogs, and gain access to a number of videos related to the art and museum industry.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite museum websites and what they have to offer.

Popular Museum Websites

Some of the most popular and notable museums in the United States also feature amazing online content. Here are a few of our favorite popular museum websites.

getty musem website design

The Getty’s museum website is as close as a digital reimagining of a museum as you’re going to get. The Getty gives viewers access to the museum’s current featured exhibition, Book of Beasts, providing them with a digital gallery of each piece in the exhibit as well commentary and notations. Visitors can browse through the Getty’s supplementary organizations, institutions, research developments, and publications through their virtual library. On top of all of this, the full archive of the Getty’s Art+Ideas podcast is made available to the public on their website.

whitney museum website design

Whitney is another major art museum in the United States. The Whitney focuses on contemporary art as it’s seen through the eyes of hundreds of unique artists with varying backgrounds. The museum is dedicated to living artists, and this shows in the online galleries they offer through their webpage. Their gallery culls together hundreds of varying works of art selected across a number of their featured artists. Gain access to videos, photographs, interviews, and screening montages of art being presented in the museum today.

National Gallery of Art website design

The National Gallery of Art, located in Washington, D.C., is one of our favorite museum websites because of its dedication to and ability to share excellent art. One of its unique online features, Acquisition Highlights, gives visitors an up-close view of some of the world’s most significant collections. The images are enriched with detailed, lengthy notations about the artists, histories, and other interesting details regarding that particular image.

Museum Website Designs & Blogs

Some of our favorite museum websites come from museum blogs. Blog topics and themes range from traditional overviews of their favorite museums to tips on how to maximize your museum experience.

museum hack website design

The Museum Hack Blog is more than just a museum blog. It’s a complete museum experience overview. The blog provides tips and suggestions for not just visitors but for curators as well. They give advice on the best museums to attend on first dates, the newest exhibits opening by region, and on how museums could utilize things like social media and digital platforms in their next gallery. The Museum Hack Blog does pretty much whatever they want, and we love that attitude.

Museum blog design

Jack loves museums. Jack goes to museums, wanders through their galleries, and charts his adventures on his blog. While Jack enjoys all kinds of museums, he has a penchant for oddities and unique museum experiences. He appreciates the bizarre and fantastical, and he loves to share it with the world on his blog. That’s not all he talks about, though. Jack has a lot of experience working with museums when he’s not embarking on adventures. Jack gives his take and tackles questions and issues like how art fits in with today’s most pressing societal issues, the state of America’s youth, and the seasonal trends that museums go through.

International Museum Website Designs

If you’re heading abroad, you have the unique opportunity of attending some of the world’s finest museums. Here are some of our top picks for international museums.

Van Gogh Museum – Amsterdam

art museum website design

Visiting the Van Gogh Museum website is like entering the scattered and colorful world of Van Gogh himself. The entire screen of each page is adorned in Van Gogh’s works. Segments of his paintings are interspersed in the backgrounds of each page. A story feature is included where the website takes viewers on a virtual tour of Van Gogh’s work. And better than providing their own commentary to supplement the works of art, they include quotes from real letters written by the Van Gogh. They piece together and chart the life of Van Gogh, recounting real-life conversations he had, revealing his most significant works, and leaving viewers with the feeling that they’re right there in the museum, in the world of Van Gogh.

Other notable International picks:



museum website designs

This article doesn’t do justice to all of the great online museum experiences out there, but it’s a good start for museum fledglings looking to tap into the online museum community. Acme loves museums, and we’re dedicated to making museum management more simple, easy, and flexible for everyone involved. Our state-of-the-art POS system and customer tracking system will help you develop your strategies and streamline all your managing needs.Schedule your free demo of Acme today.

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