Offline Ticketing System: Why Going Offline Is No Reason to Panic

Offline Ticketing System: Why Going Offline Is No Reason to Panic
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Offline Ticketing System: Why Going Offline Is No Reason to Panic

May 9, 2019

Museums, art galleries, aquariums and other culture venues rely upon their events and exhibits to create satisfying visitor experiences. In a 24/7 plugged-in world, these same businesses are expected to use technology to facilitate easy, swift and painless access to these experiences.  

Avert the Panic Through Offline Mode

Now, consider your next holiday event, as your visitors’ hopes swell in a desire to relieve pent-up work stress while unwinding at your well-marketed and inviting venue.

Then imagine, the sudden and startling ‘traffic-stop’ feeling when these same visitors must step on their virtual brakes as the Point of Sale (POS) ticketing vehicle crashes. The drumming of fingers ensues, and impatient sighs ripple through the crowd of people, already stacked dozens deep in your lobby.

Overcoming Obstacles With ACME’s Offline Ticketing System

To the rescue comes ACME to overcome the obstacles of a connectivity crash and ensure customer service as usual. ACME eliminates the angst for both front-line employees and visitors, bridging operational gaps caused by Local Area Network (LAN), internet or data center failure.

Realizing the mission-criticality of the POS, ACME has developed an offline mode that ensures continuous operations at your venue. By creating multiple redundancy points, from the POS to data center layers, ACME can provide enterprise-grade uptime Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

And, best of all, they accomplish this through a simple-to-deploy solution that is virtually invisible to the visitor. When your venue’s network goes down, an icon showing ‘offline’ becomes immediately visible to your employees. After ensuring that it’s not just a 10-second system blip and you are certain the network is durably down, you will access the ‘queue’ prompt to continue processing. Throughout, the process to buy a ticket remains uninterrupted.  

Mission-Critical Functions Continue, Unimpeded

Remaining operational includes mission-critical functions such as the ability to accept all payment methods; e.g., cash, credit card and check, as well as the split payment feature. And, importantly, you can continue to print all tickets and receipts, unimpeded.

When you regain networking connectivity, the smooth, uninterrupted flow continues, as ACME’s technology automatically will process and generate order numbers. Moreover, within the robust back-office set-up, the ‘queue’ tab provides visibility to all transactions you processed during the network downtime.

The Bottom Line: Offline Ticketing System

Internet outages become drama-free events with ACME on your side. Despite behind-the-scenes technology waves, your visitors can be assured a smooth-sailing experience.

To learn more about ACME Ticketing’s cloud-based membership and ticket solutions for a continuously functioning, hassle-free operation, you can book a demo or schedule a call here.

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