What Are Omnichannel Payments and Why You Should Consider Them For Your Business

What Are Omnichannel Payments?

What Are Omnichannel Payments and Why You Should Consider Them For Your Business

The digital era has changed the way we communicate, watch our favorite shows and movies, manage our banking needs, order food, shop, and so much more. If you’re a nonprofit or cultural institution, It has also changed the way that guests and donors pay for tickets and give to your cause. 

Donors and visitors, like most consumers in 2022, expect a certain level of convenience when it comes to making ticket purchases or donations. This is where robust omni channel payment systems can add a lot of value to your donor campaigns and cultural events.

Below we’ll get into what omnichannel payments are and why you should consider them for your business or organization. 

What is an omnichannel payment solution?

An omnichannel payment solution is a comprehensive payment tool that unifies and integrates every aspect of your payment process, providing you with an all-in-one platform to view every step of your customers’ interactions. Advanced omnichannel systems also come with CRMs or have the ability to integrate CRMs, providing you with valuable insights on customer information that can help you grow sales and donations in the future. 

Often very customizable, omnichannel payment solutions also improve the customer experience by giving customers more payment options and the ability to access their orders, receipts, history, donations, and membership management all from the same place. 

Embracing change: Omnichannel payment solutions to the rescue

Customers are more demanding and expect more from businesses and organizations than ever before. They’re more connected on their devices and online communities, and they expect to be able to sift seamlessly between their devices and payment options when making a purchase. If they start a purchase or donation physically, they will want to be able to continue their purchase/donation later online, and they want that process to be easy. 

On the organizational side, the insight and data you gain from utilizing omnichannel payment systems will allow you to campaign and market more effectively to your donor and visitor base. This is also true, however, for your competitors. If you don’t know where to reach your customer base or what kind of events they’re most interested in, you will have a harder time scaling members, donors, and ticket sales

Omnichannel payment systems will allow you to understand data more easily and more readily. You can market better, strategize better, create more inclusive campaigns, and drive your ticket sales and donations. 

Why omnichannel payment solutions are key to ticketed events

So how exactly can omnichannel payment solutions help you drive ticket sales for your events? Below we’ll look at some key ways you can increase your ticket sales and donations through omnichannel payment systems. 

  • Changes in reservation
    • Omnichannel solutions allow your staff and customers to make reservations and manage those reservations on any device. Whether they made the purchase through a social media account, in person, or on your organizational website, they can sift between channels and make changes with ease. 
  • Analytics
    • Advanced payment systems will have CRM integrations that allow you to bring a CRM of your choice, which opens the door for you to better manage your customer relationships. ACME’s all-in-one solutions has teamed up with Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce to give you everything you need to access member/donor information and relevant customer-related data. 
  • Personalized experiences
    • Omnichannel payment systems will often automate and personalize the emails, messages, and interactions you have with your customers. Whether you’re sending receipts, writing thank you letters to donors, or informing your members of upcoming events, advanced ticketing solutions have the ability to personalize your outreach efforts and make your customers feel heard. 
  • Flexibility in service
    • Omnichannel platforms are fundamentally flexible and customizable. Not only can guests pay for tickets and make donations through a variety of payment options and devices, but your staff members can sell those tickets through a flexible POS system. This allows you to take your POS from the ticket booth to the floor of your event or venue, giving your staff members the tools to sell tickets and drive memberships from any mobile device or tablet. 

Integrate your systems and improve the customer experience by giving your visitors, donors, and members the flexibility and ease they’re seeking. 

How Acme Ticketing can connect your customers’ experience across channels

ACME is an all-in-one ticketing solution that offers advanced ticketing and membership management features and is easy to use. ACME is made to fit into your needs and your preferences, so you can manage reservations and time-based ticketing, online donations, payment options, customizable event set ups, membership sale options, and discounts to your liking. 

Create a ticketing, donor management, membership management, event management, and analytic hub all from the same platform with ACME Ticketing today.

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