The Benefits of a Robust POS Ticketing System

The Benefits of a Robust POS Ticketing System

The Benefits of a Robust POS Ticketing System

All nonprofits and cultural institutions want pretty much the same thing things – to share their passion, achieve their mission statement, and serve their communities. In order to do this, however, they have to raise funds and keep their doors open.

This is where having a robust ticketing system is invaluable to the longevity of your organization. A flexible POS system that you can bring straight to any event, venu, or door can help you make valuable last-minute sales and sell out tickets for your events.

Below we’ll get into everything you need to know about POS systems and how they can help you maximize funds and achieve your goals. 

What is a POS ticketing system

A POS system, or point of sale system, refers to the time, place, and software utilized when a sale is made. In the case of nonprofits and cultural institutions, this often refers to ticket sales or donations. 

Traditional POS systems come in the forms of a cash register, but today you can use a mobile device, computer, or tablet for your POS system. Advanced POS systems can process sales, provide receipts, take on donations, administer availability, and manage members directly from your mobile device or tablet. 

A flexible system will allow your employees to take the POS wherever they go, enabling them to make more sales and confirm members from anywhere in your venu. 

Advantages a POS ticketing system

When you can link your ticketing system to an advanced POS, you’ll be able to increase your sales, provide safer payment options, increase your flexibility, and boost customization. 

Here are some of the top advantages of utilizing a flexible POS system.

  • Ease of Use
    • Advanced POS systems, regardless of the device they’re on, are intuitive and easy to use. A sleek interface and simplified platform will give both your employees and customers a system that they will love. 
  • Ease of Integration
    • POS systems are customizable and easily-integratable into any institution. Cloud-based platforms, like ACME’s, allow you to configure and customize your system to your liking. Additionally, it is easier than ever to keep your systems in sync with seamless CRM integrations. 
  • Ease of Payments
    • Robust POS systems provide the most payment options for you and your customers. You can sell tickets with as few as three taps on your device, provide paperless receipts, and take advantage of a number of payment options, including Apple Pay, Google pay, Samsung Pay, and secure Chip & Pin.
  • Availability lookup
    • Improvements in POS technologies allow your staff members to look at availability, capacity, and reservations instantly. That means that both your staff and customers will know exactly how much availability there is, which specific seats or venues are open, and all other relevant information to make a decision on their purchase. 
  • Scalability
    • ACME’s advanced POS system is great because regardless of how big your business scales, our systems will scale alongside you. Cloud-based servers mean you don’t have to worry about taking on bulky hardware, and you can expand not just your ticketing capabilities but also your membership management, event management, and more. 
  • Use any device
    • Again, the ability to have your POS system on any device will provide a huge boost to ticket sales, membership growth, and customer satisfaction. You can decrease ticket booth lines, create new members, provide key information to visitors, and sell tickets from anywhere on the floor. 

POS systems can transform the way you sell tickets, grow members, and run your venues. Not only will your customers and employees love the perks that come with advanced POS ticketing, but you’ll be happy to see your ticket sales and membership grow as well. 

ACME is the ticketing POS solution for your company

ACME offers paperless ticketing solutions that can do so much more for your institution or nonprofit. With ACME’s cloud-based POS platform, you can:

  • Sell tickets in as a little as three taps from visitors’ mobile phone
  • Convert single tickets to memberships
  • Interact with guests in line via a mobile or tablet POS
  • Go paperless with digital tickets and receipts
  • And more!

Unlock the potential of your organization with ACME’s advanced POS system and try the demo today

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