Program Coordinator Job Description

Program Coordinator Job Description

Program Coordinator Job Description

For nonprofits and cultural institutions, a program coordinator is essential to meeting annual administrative and institutional goals. Unlike a special events coordinator, these individuals are responsible for overseeing the entirety of all events, marketing efforts, partnerships, local outreach efforts, and other administrative tasks.

Below we’ll look into what a program coordinator is and how you create your perfect coordinator job description today.

What is a Program Coordinator?

A program coordinator is an administrative role that oversees teams and team leaders for a number of administrative and program-management tasks. These individuals are a part of planning, marketing, operations, sales (insofar as they need to make connections with businesses and other local institutions), budgeting and more.

They are a part of ensuring individual events run smoothly as well as overseeing what the plan is for annual events and long-term efforts. 

Typical duties and responsibilities of a Program coordinator

While the exact duties and responsibilities of a program coordinator will change from nonprofit to nonprofit, some of the most common duties will include: 

  • Plan and coordinate annual programs, activities, adn events
  • Oversee integration of programs and how the program is being upheld
  • Make sure program deadlines are being met in a timely manner
  • Develop partnerships and contacts as needed by the program’s needs
  • Develop and define program budget
  • Monitor the use of technology and relevant software as needed by the demands of the program or event
  • Maintain and document records relevant to the program and long-term needs
  • Oversee team leaders and staff members in their involvement of program 
  • Set the schedule and create a timeline for your programs and events 
  • Develop marketing strategy in line with the programs goals and needs

While these are some of the general and common tasks asked of program coordinators, you want to be sure to adjust your job description to meet the unique needs of your cultural institution or nonprofit. 

Typical Skills needed to succeed as a program coordinator

Program coordinators typically require high-level administrative experience. These are important positions with a lot of responsibilities, so it’s important to create a skills list that reflects the demands of the job. 

Some of the most common skills needed to succeed as a program coordinator include:

  • MA in business administration or similar field or BA in related field with 5+ years experience
  • Experience as a program coordinator, special events planner, or similar field
  • Experience with documenting, budgeting, or bookkeeping
  • Technology proficient and experience with MS Office
  • Excellent leaderships skills, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multitask and meet deadlines
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Knowledge of developmental policies and program development procedures
  • Analytical thinker and problem solver
  • Meticulous and acute attention to detail

Again, while this is a general list that really covers the minimum of what you’d want to see from a program coordinator, you will likely have to add a few items that cater to your specific needs and specializations. 

Why Program coordinators are important

For nonprofits and cultural institutions that really want to cement their place in the world of philanthropy or within their local community, program coordinators will help them streamline their growth and connect. 

These individuals take long-term visions and create a set of plans to see them come to fruition. Without a competent program coordinator, your ability to grow donors, raise funds, and build partnerships is possible, but it will likely happen at a much slower rate. 

What organizations need a program coordinator

Any nonprofit, cultural institution, museum, zoo, school, garden, or public institution that is looking to grow, expand their programs, or partner with valued organizations could benefit from a program coordinator. These individuals will make sure your records and budget are maintained, teams are organized, events run smoothly, and that your short and long-term goals are being met. 

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