The best social media management tools for nonprofits

The Best Social Media Management Tools For Nonprofits

The best social media management tools for nonprofits

Developing, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is known as social media management. Social media management tools and services assist you in automating these procedures, enabling you to save time and increase productivity. Today, 4.7 billion people (59%) worldwide use social media, and 77% of social media marketers say it has been effective for their company. Since social media marketing plays a critical role in businesses, its management has become crucial.

With appropriate tools, Nonprofits can use social media marketing tools to spread their message globally. These are some of the benefits of social media management for nonprofits:

  • It assists you in connecting with those in need by sharing your message about new projects, campaigns, and concerns in your community.
  • Social media is a powerful tool for nonprofits to expand their reach to potential volunteers and experts. It aids in the promotion of rallies, protests, and other events.
  • It can effectively show your accomplishments and convey thanks to the contributors.


Why is social media management so important for nonprofits

Some factors that prove why social media management is vital for nonprofits are:

  • Keeping track of all the numerous social media accounts is enough to overload even the most seasoned marketing managers. Social media management consolidates all those accounts into a single platform and saves time and effort by allowing you to post on every platform at once.
  • It fixes one of the most unfortunate events, missing the right time to post content, by allowing you to pre-schedule as many posts as you wish.
  • Providing customer services, like answering queries, becomes easy as Social media management allows you to respond instantly through chatbot systems.
  • It provides statistics about the content views that help strategize marketing much more effectively in the long term.


What to look for in a social media management tool for nonprofits

There are dozens of social media management and scheduling services available, making it difficult to determine which ones are best for your company. To make things easier for you, we have streamlined the criteria you should look for in a social media marketing tool:

  • Price: Most social media management tools fall somewhere between $10 and $600, depending on the scale of your organization and the needs of your platform.
  • Capability: The tool should be able to manage all your social media accounts in one dashboard and schedule posts. It should respond appropriately to comments and posts and analyze them for future use.
  • Integrations: It should allow you to integrate other tools like spreadsheets, calendars, and notes.
  • Platforms supported: The platform must support as many platforms as possible, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Ability to take donations: The platform must be user-friendly to allow the customers to make donations easily.
  • Others that may be more specific to your own organization’s needs


The best social media management tools

If this all feels appealing to you, we encourage you to use some tools to assist you in checking all the above criteria: 

Hootsuite for nonprofits

Due to its ease of use and affordable cost, Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools. It allows you to manage your accounts across all major social networks from a single dashboard (up to three with the free version). They also provide integrations with several other platforms and scheduling posts.

  • Airtable for a nonprofit organization: Airtable is an excellent investment for firms that routinely collaborate. It includes interactive spreadsheets, social media planning templates, and other organizing tools for developing ideas and content. 
  • Social oomph: Although the free version allows you to connect to Twitter, you can utilize all of Twitter’s capabilities, such as scheduling unlimited Tweets, monitoring direct messages, and tracking keywords.
  • Buffer: Buffer’s plan is free for up to one person. They offer a browser plugin that allows you to rapidly store any material you come across to re-share or utilize later. They also allow you to retweet stuff on Twitter in a more balanced way by gently spreading retweets over the day than all at once. 


Strategies and tactics for increased social media presence

In addition to employing various tools to handle social media, it is critical to use several strategies and tactics. Some major areas to concentrate on when working on social media management are listed below.

  • Visuals: It has been proven repeatedly that imagery-rich content, articles, and blogs perform better. Adding pictures to Tweets increases click-throughs by 18%, retweets by 150%, and likes by 89% on Twitter alone!
  • Building and maintaining interactions: It is essential to prioritize user interactions to cultivate a loyal following, drive engagement, and establish positive connections with everyone interested in or involved with your company
  • Consistent Posting: According to one research, firms who consistently promote their brand saw a 33% gain in income! With the correct tools, posting and sharing material may become more manageable and beneficial. 
  • Analytics: This can significantly boost your social media management techniques by improving content quality and helping you focus on your target audience.


Social media management with ACME on your side

A solid social media presence is critical in today’s business landscape. However, most organizations lack the time and skills to manage social media accounts regularly and efficiently. With a balanced approach in all aspects of a group’s internet visibility, ACME Digital Marketing collaborates with your team to create a focused and tactical social media management strategy that is personalized and profitable.

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