Strategies You Can Use to Increase Event Attendance

Strategies You Can Use to Increase Event Attendance
increase member event attendance

Strategies You Can Use to Increase Event Attendance

Hosting events are great ways to bring a community together and bolster your overall growth as a cultural institution. If you’re trying to accrue long-term memberships, events are often visited by guests who are interested in more than just a one-time visit, making the overall execution of the event all the more important. 

Below are some important strategies you can use to increase event attendance and boost returning visits. 

Benefits of Membership Events

Hosting a fun and exciting event is an excellent way to market your brand and reach a wider visitor base. Some additional benefits of hosting an event at your venue include:

  • Attracting guests and memberships
  • Reaching out to a wider audience by hosting a themed event
  • Building a sense of community around your institution
  • Boosting your visitor experience with fun and creative event ideas
  • Building your brand and strengthening your marketing strategy

Mobile Use and Social Media for Event Attendance

While some museums, zoos, and other cultural institutions are rejecting mobile device implementations in their venues, others are embracing the shifts in technology. While this is a controversial topic in the cultural/education industry, allowing for your members to digitally document and share their experiences through social media is a great way to increase visitor attendance.

Not only does it improve the visitor experience by allowing guests to take photos, videos, and document their time, but it’s also essentially free marketing. You can grow brand awareness and reach a wider audience with little-to-no-effort. You can also design events that utilize or implement mobile devices, like a digital scavenger hunt or an app-based game that links with the content in your venue. 

Make your Member Event Local

There are a ton of ways to localize your event and grow your presence within your local community. One way to do this is to team up with businesses and institutions around your city. You can partner up with restaurants, schools, or organizations related to the content in your venue. 

Another idea to grow event attendance is to create a theme that’s relevant to your city. Find something that your city is known for, build an event around that theme, and advertise it to cater to the locals. This can work to your favor if an upcoming seasonal event or historical month is approaching, providing you with a number of ways to get creative and welcome your community into your doors. 

Creative Membership Event Strategies

Because events are usually temporary, you can take advantage of the limited scope and provide yours guests with something fun, fresh, and creative. It’s always nice to have your event theme related to the content of your venue, but this can also be a way to reach out to visitors who aren’t typically looking to make a visit to a zoo or museum. Some creative event ideas could include:

  • A cheese and wine adult-only event for a fun and casual experience.
  • An educational sleep-over night for kids. Your venue can provide dinner, games, an educational movie, and more. 
  • Holiday themed events. Cultural institutions are usually beautifully built and well-kept, so what if they were covered with christmas lights or halloween-time cobwebs? Use seasonal holidays to your advantage to bring in more visitors and attendees. 
  • A game day is a simple and fun way to bring members together and provide for an upbeat and positive experience at your venue. Scavenger hunts, mobile app games, and content-based live action games are all great game-day ideas. 

Events take a lot of work and effort, and you want your hard work to pay off with a sizeable attendance rate. By utilizing the above strategies for your events, you can ensure the best chance for a successful event that will attract new visitors and build memberships.

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