The Benefits of Membership Cards For Your Museum or Nonprofit

The Benefits of Membership Cards For Your Museum or Nonprofit

The Benefits of Membership Cards For Your Museum or Nonprofit

Utilizing museum membership cards can provide your members with a convenient way to manage and utilize their membership. Failure to implement a membership card system may result in missed opportunities to obtain valuable insights about your members, which could be used to better reach your target audience. This article will explore the benefits of membership cards, their usefulness, and provide guidance on how to incorporate them into your institution.

What are Membership Cards?

Membership cards are ID badges, allowing access to member profiles and benefits through an issued card. This card could be a physical card or a digital one and it generally includes a unique number for each member. Membership cars can be used to access discounts, manage museum access, and use on-file payment options. 

Why are Membership Cards Useful For Your Museum?

For your members, membership cards allow your members to keep track of their information and manage their memberships without having to keep track of their membership number. It makes things easier on their end. For your organization, you can use membership cards as a way to establish partnerships with local businesses and gain valuable insights on your members to serve them better.

Benefits of Membership Cards For Nonprofit Organizations

Membership cards have a variety of benefits for your organization. Your community engagement relies on your ability to have a good understanding of your target audience, and membership cards can help with that.

  • Improved communication. You’ll have an easier time reaching out to your members with their contact information on file. Email campaigns and event alerts become easier when you have access to this information.
  • Increased engagement. The appeal of membership is undeniable, especially when discounts are involved. One of the biggest ways memberships benefit your target audience is through money saving. Memberships generally offer more for less, with the difference being a time commitment. Memberships allow people to come in more often without having to spend a ton of money. 
  • Valuable data insights. Your member’s activity can tell you more about analytics on events, your daily engagement, and other relevant member data that can help you curate your museum experiences. These insights help combat engagement issues as well. If you notice certain events aren’t working for example, you can adjust things within the event and implement surveys to tackle the problem. 

Types of Membership Cards For Your Institution

There are two main types of membership cards:

  • Physical membership cards. These can be a fun and engaging way to make members feel excited about their membership. The card is just like a credit card, you can put a photo of your museum or institution on it and have the membership number printed on it as well. Physical membership cards do, however, have a negative impact on the environment. Most organizations are switching over to digital membership cards. It can still be a good idea to provide physical cards upon request if someone is unable to obtain a digital card for any reason.
  • Digital membership cards. Digital membership cards are used either through a dedicated app or a digital card you can add to your Apple wallet, for example. If you’re going for the convenient, ethical option, digital membership cards work best. They’re easy to get on your smartphone and they’re better for the environment.

Digital Membership Cards For Your Museum Members

Digital membership cards are the future of membership cards. As we mentioned before, they’re easy to use and don’t require anything other than a member’s existing phone. QR codes can be used to scan people in and access benefits. You should also be able to view your membership number in case a scan isn’t working.

Adding Digital Membership Cards to a Phone

There are a couple of ways you can add a digital membership to your phone. One way is through email, you can email a copy of a member’s membership card and they can add it to their phone’s wallet or they can use the email to access their membership. Another way is to get a dedicated app. Although this is a more expensive option as you’ll have to hire developers to create an app for you, it does give you the added benefit of more communication with your members and easier access to membership benefits.

How Acme Can Help Manage Membership Cards For Your Next Event!

Acme Ticketing provides membership and event management tools for your institution. You can manage your membership sales, access CRM tools, and create powerful plans for your organization. If you’re interested in seeing how Acme Ticketing can transform your museum’s membership management, book a demo today.

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