The Best Event Ticketing Software for Your Organization

The Best Event Ticketing Software for Your Organization

The Best Event Ticketing Software for Your Organization

Nothing can match the iconic image of the red-paper ticket. The classic shape and color of this nostalgic object — most often seen at theaters, circuses, and other vintage sites of entertainment — conjure lithographic visions of pinstriped bags of popcorn, over-dressed event goers, and the smiling faces of engaged audiences. And while the paper ticket will always have a place in our hearts, the demands of modern viewers and contemporary technologies require a more efficient, accessible, and sophisticated approach to ticketing. 

Most large cultural institutions today choose to utilize ticketing software to streamline literally everything in the customer journey, from purchasing tickets, to making donations, to signing up for membership. Countless hours are saved by implementing solutions like ACME ticketing, which:

  • Allows audience members to reserve tickets and ticket details, including seats and time of entry, well in advance. 
  • Streamlines the ticket-taking process with paperless entry capabilities and reservation information that is easily accessible on your end. 
  • Enables your organization to market events and day-to-day visiting opportunities on a multitude of web-based platforms, such as social media sites and targeted ads. 
  • Serve as invaluable data-collection tools, allowing you to better understand the needs of your audience and provide them with personalized programming they’re sure to love. 


There’s more to ticketing software than is advertised on the tin. And if your organization hasn’t invested yet, it’s not too late! In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the specific uses of ticketing software, and introduce you to a solution or two that are sure to work for you.

In Person vs. Virtual Events

Public events as we once knew them ceased to exist when COVID-19 reared its ugly head. With indefinite and mandatory shutdowns efforting to keep the public safe and healthy, it seemed for a while that no parties, galas, fundraisers, or simple days at the museum would be possible until the end of the pandemic. And if that were the case, what would the point of event ticketing software be?

As shelter-in-place orders stretched from weeks into months, museums, zoos, aquariums, historic houses, and other cultural institutions started to get creative about how they were engaging their audiences. Many are tentatively opening their doors to the public with modified hours and safety guidelines in place. And still more are adapting their events and activities to an online platform, which audiences from across the planet may access from the comfort of their own homes. 

And lucky for us, in an ever-changing world, event management software can be used for any kind of event, whether online or in person. 

In-Person Events

Face-to-face gatherings look very different now than they did 9 months ago, and special precautions need to be taken in order to keep both audience members and staff safe and healthy. 

Event ticketing software allows you to set custom parameters for admission which address the unique precautions of your organization. With solutions like ACME Ticketing, visitors can purchase their tickets well ahead of time online, and the tickets may be presented on their mobile devices for a touch-free entry with no exchange of paper currency or tickets. And, you can make each set of tickets valid for a specific time of entry, guaranteeing your capacity won’t exceed safe numbers. 

And to make sure your visitors know what to expect once they get to you, event ticketing software allows you to send a detailed guide to conduct protocols and safety measures along with their ticket confirmation email. 

Virtual Events

Web-based gatherings and activities used to feel like science-fictiony assemblies that required an engineer flanked by two apprentice tech nerds to work. But now that we’re all somewhat familiar with the functionality of Zoom and other conferencing applications, virtual events are viable and engaging alternatives to our favorite in-person galas and symposia. 

And event management software loses none of its power in the online sphere. In fact, virtual events have the capability to reach and engage a far broader audience than localized gatherings. 

Whether free or paid, event ticketing solutions allow your guests to register for your event wherever they are in the world. You can set limits on attendance, make a conference schedule, and give your guests detailed instructions which will help them navigate the hosting platforms. Provide a link and entry code with your visitor’s ticket confirmation, or send them entry information day of with customizable messaging and outreach.

Event ticketing solutions can help you optimize and streamline the visitor’s entry experience, whether you’re hosting an expert’s talk, virtual marathon, cocktail hour, live cam, auction, or any number of distanced events you might come up with. 

ACME Ticketing is your all-in-one event ticketing software solution.

If you’re still searching for the perfect event ticketing solution for your organization, look no further! Whatever unique needs your cultural institution has, ACME Ticketing has got you covered. 

With ACME, easy event ticketing is at your fingertips. Our solution is easy to implement and intuitive to operate. Hand your staff an iPad and watch them instantly sell tickets, memberships, even gift shop items with little instruction.

ACME allows you to fully customize your visitor experience, whether online or in-person, and has features designed for efficiency and safety, including timed entry and touch-free ticketing. And you can take your customer service to the next level with ACME’s Contact Tracing features that allows you to keep tabs on visitor behavior and learn what it is your audience wants most.

And once you’ve delivered a stellar experience, ACME’s latest Donations feature lets your audience contribute a custom amount to your organization, once, or on an ongoing basis. 

Other great (totally free!) software accessories for event management. 

Here are a few other great software accessories for event management for free.

  • All Seated
    AllSeated is an amazing event planning solution that allows you to map out your floor seating plan using the specs of your event location entered into a 3D modeling system. Perfect for the age of COVID, you can continue to host sit-down events which keep guests, staff, and speakers safely socially distanced.
  • Evite
    Evite is an online invitations solution that lets you send attractive event invites to your dedicated audience members. Choose from hundreds of templates, and send your message in just a few easy steps. With Evite, you can also track RSVPs, poll your audience members, and even send gifts.
  • Formsite
    Formsite features many customizable templates that allow you to easily construct any number of unique documents and forms for your visitors, including waivers, order forms, and post-event surveys.
  • Ticket Stripe
    Ticket Stripe is an event registration software that lets you register and check-in guests for any kind of event, from any platform. Their SEO pages make your events searchable, guaranteeing you will show up in searches. And Ticket Stripeis additionally optimized for data collection, allowing you to keep track of audience demographics and sales. And best of all, it’s completely free for nonprofits!

Try ACME Ticketing Today

ACME Ticketing is a comprehensive ticketing, membership, and POS solution designed for the modern museum. And now, ACME is additionally offering free trials to interested organizations. To see how ACME can work for you, sign up for a demo today at 

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