Ticketing for Raiser’s Edge: Easy Event Management for Donors

Ticketing for Raiser's Edge: Easy Event Management for Donors

Ticketing for Raiser’s Edge: Easy Event Management for Donors

Even though nonprofits aren’t working toward a profit motive, they still need to sell tickets and raise funds in order to survive and actualize their mission statements. In order to serve their cause, nonprofits and cultural institutions need as much help as they can get. 

This is where an all-in-one ticketing, membership, and fundraiser management solution, like ACME, becomes a necessity for long-term growth. ACME’s partnership with Raiser’s Edge can help nonprofits drive ticket sales, raise funds, and map engagement without the hassle of manual data entry.

Below we’ll look at how Raiser’s Edge can transform your ticketing, fundraising, and member management efforts.

What is Raiser’s Edge

Raiser’s Edge is a powerful donor and member management solution that has helped countless nonprofits and cultural institutions grow and reach their goals. ACME’s file-based integration with Raiser’s Edge utilizes flexible data mapping, tailored to meet the unique needs of each venue.

This bridge allows for seamless updates to membership and constituent records to take place in either system, keeping each system up to date and dramatically reducing, or eliminating, manual entry of data. Raiser’s Edge unlocks the ability for members to get discounts to tickets in ACME and renew their membership at the same time. 

Other benefits of Raiser’s Edge include:

  • Data enrichment
  • The ability to manage events
  • Seamless online payment system
  • A very customizable platform that caters to the needs of your organization
  • Marketing features
  • Easily integratable to other platforms
  • Donor profile management
  • Stores important donor information that allows you to secure matching gifts
  • Easy member mapping

Raiser’s Edge Mapping with ACME Ticketing

ACME makes it easy for organizations to import memberships and update them on the ACME interface. This opens the door for members to receive discounts through ACME and update their memberships at the same time, which will help improve your membership management efforts. 

Organizations can import memberships in order to map preferences, notes, user defined fields, and membership levels. ACME’s step-by-step guide on mapping makes it easier than ever for organizations to bridge their systems and make seamless updates. 

What type of events can be improved with Raiser’s Edge?

When you map your members through your events, you can more easily reach out to them, serve your members, and grow programs seamlessly. Whether it’s a fundraising event, an exhibition, or any other charitable effort, you can utilize your ACME and Raiser’s Edge solutions in order to track, manage, and grow new members. 

Utilize member mapping for the following events:

  • Dinners
    • Dinner events are some of the most common ways that nonprofits bring their donors and members together. Like any other event, these are opportunities to collect data and grow your members and funds for the future.
  • Gala Balls
    • Gala Balls have been a part of the world of philanthropy for decades. These events are stunning, glamorous, and full of unique performances and extraordinary entertainers that make philanthropy fun.
  • Online fundraiser events
    • COVID-19 has limited nonprofits in some way, but they’ve also opened the door to the possibility of virtual and online events. Online silent auctions, virtual meet and greets, and online art exhibits are all ways to drive tickets and members. 
  • Hackathons
    • Hackathons are great community-oriented events that drive both donations and innovation. Bring together graphic designers, programmers, product managers, and other tech gurus for a common cause. 

All of these events are opportunities to build a sense of community, work toward your cause, and drive memberships. Raiser’s Edge will help you import member data with ease and transform the way you manage your tickets and donors. 

ACME’s Partnerships Will Help You Reach Your Goals

ACME’s all-in-one ticketing, membership, and donor solution integrates with the best in breed CRMs to create the most powerful network of systems to help grow your membership program. 

Benefit with integrations from leading industry tools like Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge so you can grow your programs and achieve your mission today. 

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