Tips For Using a Museum Management CRM and POS

Tips For Using a Museum Management CRM and POS
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Tips For Using a Museum Management CRM and POS

May 3, 2019

Museums, art galleries, aquariums, and other culture venues know that the best visitors are the ones who become returning members. The expense of a longstanding membership for zoos or museums can be off-putting to some, so providing guests with benefits, discounts, and savings on membership deals are great strategies to turn one-time guests into returning members.

ACME’s multi-channel approach and utilization of cloud-based solutions provide everything your organization needs to understand, track, and reach out to your members with gifts and membership incentives. ACME provides a comprehensive cloud system, flexible and integrated point of sale (POS) system, event management configurations, and CRM data mining, allowing you to handle and operate all aspects of membership management without the hassle of on-site servers. Our technology will make it easy for you to make big picture connections with your visitors and develop a successful incentive-based strategy.

So what are the best ways to utilize ACME in your membership retention strategy and museum marketing strategy?

Utilize CRM for Tracking & Connecting With Members

ACME’s CRM integration software gives you a simple, comprehensive way to streamline visitor and membership relationships. Reference the information from your CRM to reach out to members, renew contact information, update membership statuses, and maintain a consistent and active relationship with visitors. Here are a few ways to apply your CRM when reaching out to visitors and members.  


  • Tickets and sales history: A ticket and sales history is great to way to understand the interests of your members and clients. When you understand what events certain members are looking for, you can provide the relevant discounts, recommendations, gift cards, and event specials that they’re interested in. The more you cater to the needs and interests of existing members, the more likely they’ll see their membership as a worthwhile investment and decide to renew/extend their business with you.


  • Lines of communication: Utilize your CRM to reach out to both existing and potential members. You can remind and inform guests of upcoming events at specific museums that they’ve visited, send regular emails, and notify them of new membership deals and incentives. Personalize messages when you can and create the kind of communication lines that show your main concern is providing members with the best deals to the most relevant events.
  • Membership Status: Keep up with membership statuses to remind existing members to renew their accounts. Did a recent event bring in a crowd of new visitors to your venue? Offer them a 1 month free trial to boost your membership conversion rates.
  • Utilize all relevant information to close deals: Your CRM is a resource and tool which you can use in a myriad of ways. Be creative and apply all the information at your disposal to build successful incentive strategies, such as reaching out to visitors with special offers on their birthdays or tracking member preferences based on the exhibits that are bringing them to your museum.

Beyond the Desk Museum Ticketing

ACME offers a web and mobile optimized experience for buyers, which can be configured to look just like your venue’s site. This provides members with the ease and accessibility of booking tickets and renewing memberships from their phones. Discounts, ticket vouchers, and other gifts can be received on mobile, and digital scanning makes activating these vouchers easier than ever.

Other incentives include:

  • Members who use the mobile feature can take advantage of express scanning to skip lines and and access their tickets from the convenience of their phones.
  • Members will always be the first to know when an event is coming up in their area. Mobile features mean instant updates and notifications, wherever your members are.
  • The simple interface of mobile ticketing means digital gift vouchers and discounts are easy to manage and customize.
  • Taking advantage of wide scalability to reach out to groups and organizations with upcoming incentives and events.

Advantages of an Integrated Museum POS System

Taking the point of sale from beyond the ticket booth and into the lobby will give you more opportunities to sell tickets and create new members. The mobile POS allows you to interact with guests in line, offer them discounts and specials, and convert tickets to memberships. Membership sales and benefits are integrated into the system, meaning you can offer new and returning guests special incentives anytime, anywhere.

ACME’s POS advantages also include:

  • Going digital means no paper tickets or receipts, speeding up lines and simplifying how you make transactions.
  • ACME’s system works offline and can keep selling even if your network goes down.
  • Tickets can be sold in 3 taps or less through any POS device, which means less time spent on transaction procedures and more time for your employees to introduce membership benefits and incentives.
  • The hardware comes with no hassle–ACME’s POS system is preconfigured and ready to use out of the box.

The more ways you’re able to reach out to existing and potential members with discounts, gifts, vouchers, and other incentives, the more likely you’ll be able to convert tickets to memberships. ACME’s cloud technology is simple, fully integrated, easy to customize and manage, and, most importantly, provides several resources from which you can communicate to and offer membership incentives to returning and first-time guests. Schedule your free ACME demo here.

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