What is Worldpay by FIS?

What is Worldpay by FIS?

What is Worldpay by FIS?

Nonprofits and cultural institutions rely on their payment systems and gateways to support their donation, membership, and ticketing payments. A seamless payment system will help you grow your events, memberships, ticket sales, donations, and more. 

Payment gateways are typically used with your virtual terminal (POS system), and they’re responsible for transferring credit card data from a payment terminal, website, or application to the payment processor. 

Worldpay Merger with FIS

Worldpay by FIS, formerly known as both Vantiv and then Worldpay before it was acquired by FIS in 2019, is a leading global payment technology with over 30 years of experience in online processing and merchant services. 

While Worldpay by FiS is available globally, it is the UK’s largest payment gateway, providing services to ecommerce business, governments, B2B, banks and credit unions, restaurants, retailers, and other stores. 

What does FIS’ Worldpay offer?

Worldpay by FIS is a payment gateway, also known as an electronic funds transfer (EFT), that allows its B2B customers to send money around the world through its secure SWIFT network.

On top of that, it accepts a number of payment methods, including electronic wallets and debit/credit cards. It offers both virtual gateways for ecommerce and Worldpay Card Machines for POS, virtual, and mobile payments. 

How does Worldpay work

So how do you connect your nonprofit, cultural institution, or business with Worldpay? The first thing you need to do is set up a Worldpay account with your bank. Once you’ve received your International Bank Account Number (IBAN), you can use that number like any normal bank account. From there, you just provide your Worldpay/FIS account to your customers and allow them to transfer money to your IBAN account to complete transactions. 

If you’re an international organization or global entity, an IBAN Worldpay account will enable you to trade online and exchange through multiple currencies. 

Safety and Security of WorldPay

Worldpay has several security measures built into its technology. All Worldpay transactions are connected through the SWIFT network, which checks to ensure that your transactions are in compliance with all relevant international regulations and requirements.

Worldpay also comes with point-to-point encryption in order to protect card data at the point of sale. Encrypted card data will keep it safe in transit before it reaches FIS’s secure military-grade data facility. 

Secure data storage, real-time alerts on illegitimate payments, and constant monitoring to prevent fraud are just a few safety and security measures that Worldpay takes in securing your credit card payment process. 

Products and services offered by Worldpay

If you’re wondering how wide Worldpay’s scope is, we’ll give you a breakdown of the various products and services it offers. Some of the main services and products offered by Worldpay by FIS include:

  • Credit cards
  • ATM processing
  • Merchant services
  • Rewards and fraud prevention
  • Prepaid and gift cards
  • Card personalization
  • Debit PIN processing
  • Cardholder services!

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