Why Your Museum Needs Mobile Ticketing Software

Why Your Museum Needs Mobile Ticketing Software
mobile ticketing software

Why Your Museum Needs Mobile Ticketing Software

As museums are modernizing to meet the demands of an increasingly digital public, this means updating not only exhibitions, displays, and interactivity, but also internal softwares such as ticketing.The paper stub as a souvenir is a thing of the past. Organizations are opting out of paper to pursue a more efficient and environmentally-conscious method of admissions.

But that’s not the only reason so many museums worldwide are implementing mobile ticketing solutions. This article looks at some of the best reasons why top institutions are moving from paper to digital.

What is Museum Ticketing Software?

Museum ticketing software does not only exist to sell admission to visitors. It also enables audiences to have a seamless experience between:

  • Purchasing tickets
  • Buying memberships
  • Planning a visit
  • Reserving tours
  • Finding maps and visitor information and even
  • Navigating the museum store

It’s also a great way for museums to make special offers to visitors and members via their online platform. Upselling tickets to memberships, organizing calendars which show special museum events, and other out-of-house deals are all possible with certain mobile ticketing platforms.

Why You Need a Mobile Ticketing Solution

  • It’s easier for visitors.
    For groups, families, or anyone with a busy itinerary, purchasing paperless tickets right from their smartphone is always the easier choice. You want your audience to have a good experience at every step of their visit to your museum. Starting with an easy, streamlined ticket-purchase helps set the tone for a memorable trip that is sure to turn a tourist into a repeat guest.
  • It speeds up line time, and improves at-register customer service.
    The process of entering a museum becomes quick and easy with a scannable quick response ticket. Lines move faster, more visitors are able to enter in a shorter amount of time, everyone is happy.  By allowing visitors with pre-purchased tickets to skip the lines, you additionally will encourage more widespread use of your mobile platform. And as an added bonus, with fewer visitors purchasing tickets at the museum admissions desk, staff will be able to give better customer service experience to guests who buy passes in-house.
  • It allows sales and management of multiple ticket-types.
    Guests going through the mobile platform may buy general admission, timed entry, group passes, multi-day passes, and extra tickets such as special exhibit or IMAX admissions, all at the same time. Audiences can plan detailed trips without the hassle of in-house purchases, thereby maximizing their time and enjoyment of the galleries.
  • It provides support for donations.
    Certain mobile solutions can offer a means for visitors to make impulse- and repeat-donations to a museum. Every purchase made via the platform, whether in the gift shop, in line, or at admissions, may be followed up with a donations request. Guests can have the option of signing up for regular payments, or making a generous one-time donation to show their appreciation for your institution.
  • It allows remote handling of promotions, discounts, and packages.
    Built-in support for promotions, discounts, and packages encourages audience engagement, and drives revenue. With this feature, a museum can provide automatic discounts for members, large groups, multiple-ticket-type purchases, and coupon-holders. Special pricing for seniors, children, students, military families, and other special groups may also be handled seamlessly and at the visitors discretion.
  • It allows comprehensive data-gathering.
    Employing a mobile ticketing platform allows museums to integrate data-analysis for smarter decision-making with ticket and membership sales information. It becomes a fundamental tool for enterprise-wide solutions which manage every aspect of the visitor experience. Data gathered from ticket sales enables understanding of attendance and purchase patterns. Museum directors can then create packages, offers, even exhibits with greater appeal. Customer demographics like age and location may help understanding of what visitors to your museum are interested in, and allow you to plan future exhibits and events accordingly.
  • It enables integrated analytics.
    Not only can a museum use customer attendance and purchase data for outreach and visitor experience solutions, but a high-quality platform allows businesses to gather, manage, and analyze data from all departments. An institution is able to standardize and gather reports for every department to support their unique needs, as well as evaluate success of marketing and outreach on attendance and revenue.

ACME Mobile Ticketing Solutions

ACME offers paperless ticketing solutions that can do so much more for any museum or institution. With the ACME cloud-based platform, museums can:

  • Sell tickets in as little as 3 taps, from visitors’ mobile phone
  • Convert single tickets to memberships
  • Interact with guests in line via a Mobile POS
  • Work offline and can keep selling even if your network goes down
  • Go paperless with digital tickets and receipts
  • Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and secure Chip & PIN

ACME Ticketing offers cloud-based membership and ticket solutions that are sleek, fast, and in step with the world of contemporary museums. To find out how ACME Ticketing can work for you, you can book a demo or schedule a call here.

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