Adult Night at the Zoo

Adult Night at the Zoo
zoo at night

Adult Night at the Zoo

October 10, 2021

We all know how much kids love zoos because, well, we were all kids once, and trips to the zoo are some of the fondest memories that we carry with us into adulthood

It’s important to remember, however, that zoos aren’t just for kids. The wonders of zoos, the things they teach us, the valuable interactions we share with animals and animal lovers – all of this is still just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids. Some adults just need a reminder of this.

Zoos should be looking to adult audiences to generate new visitors and members, and they can start engaging more adults by offering fun adult nights and adult-oriented events at their zoos. 

Below we’ll look at some fun adult night ideas to engage with more adults and generate new members. 

Zoo camp for adults

Like zoos, camps are one of those things that we enjoy as children but seem to do much less of as we get older. Zoo camp for adults, however, can be an excellent way to engage with animal lovers who want extensive time with animals, animal trainers, and other animal lovers in an intimate setting.

Zoos can open their doors for just a night or a whole weekend, allowing couple and friends to pitch their tents and experience the zoo like never before. 

Zoos can host events like scavenger hunts, campfire circles, and a behind-the-scenes look with zoo trainers and their animals. 

Zoo dance night

While you shouldn’t plan for the animals to join in on the fun, zoos can open their doors for an animal or regional themed dance night. Zoos can hire a DJ, open an on-premise bar, bring on a food truck, and allow their new guests and members to dance their way into the night.

Zoos can combine this event with membership promotions, new animal arrivals, and other timely or seasonal celebrations to compliment the dancing festivities. 

Brews at the zoo

These days, it seems like breweries are as ubiquitous as grocery stores, and they’ve  even managed to find themselves within the walls of some zoos. 

Hosting a beer garden where guests can enjoy the space of your zoo and their favorite beers is a great way to engage with adult visitors. You can even prop up several beer tents or stands and turn the zoo into an interactive zoo pub crawl, completely changing the way adults think about and engage with zoos. 

Again, these are great for promotional purposes, and teaming up with local breweries or vendors is a good opportunity to work with the local community and get the word out. 

Date night safari

The only thing better than experiencing a safari is experiencing it with a loved one. Invited adults to bring their partners and get swept away in the romance of a starry night, surrounded by the people (and animals) we love. 

Along with allowing guests to see animals at night, you can adorn your zoo with lights, walkways, and other romantic decorations to set the mood. 

Art classes

Let your adult guests and members become artists and the zoo be their canvas. Providing art classes with real artists and instructors is a fun and creative way to bring people together around art, animals, and community.

Invite guests to utilize your unique zoo habitats and animals so they can practice their craft and connect with the animals they love.

Any opportunity to allow zoos to collaborate with art programs, schools, and local organizations is a way to build bonds and strengthen your role in the community. 

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