Special Events Coordinator Job Description

Special Events Coordinator Job Description

Special Events Coordinator Job Description

Nonprofits and cultural institutions rely on events to help drive ticket sales, memberships, and donations. Whether you’re running a virtual silent auction, extravagant dinner, art gallery, or hackathon, you need to ensure that your events run smoothly and according to plan.

This is where a special events coordinator can be an immense help. Below we’ll look at why special events coordinators are so important and how you can create the perfect special events coordinator job description. 

What is a Special Events Coordinator?

A special events coordinator, sometimes called an event planner or events specialist, manages every aspect of the event planning process. They’re responsible for budgeting needs, selecting a venue, defining the goals of the event, booking entertainment or services, and managing tickets and attendance. These individuals can be hired by a third-party source or work in-house within your nonprofit or institution. 

Typical duties and responsibilities of a Special Events Coordinator

Some of the most common duties and responsibilities of a special events coordinator include: 

  • Define the goals and expectations of your events
  • Budget and determine costs of the event
  • Connect with exhibitors, vendors, and venues
  • Managing the decorations and set up of the event as well as the clean-up process
  • Hire entertainment, photographers, speakers, and other supplementary services
  • Oversee all catering needs
  • Evaluate and assess all the event’s needs
  • Train and manage team members working under them
  • Conduct final inspections on the day of the event for the layout as well as any technological needs. 

Because so much responsibility is placed on special events coordinators, you want to make sure that your descriptions are well written and your expectations are transparent and clearly laid out. 

Typical Skills needed to succeed as a Special Events Coordinator

You want to make sure that your special events coordinator has the below-listed skills in order to meet the demanding needs of the position. 

Some of the top priority skills of a special events coordinator includes:

  • Previous experience as an events coordinator (4 years)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking abilities
  • Extremely organized and able to multitask
  • Is able to stay calm under very stressful situations and approaching deadlines
  • Basic recruitment knowledge
  • Able to manage several teams and delegate tasks
  • Bachelor’s degree in hospitality or public relations (preferred)
  • Proficient computer skills and ability to manage attendance, tickets, and members through digital platform

This is somewhat of a jack of all trades position, which requires you to be very thorough throughout your description. This individual needs to manage their team, set up the event, reach out to vendors, catering services, and entertainment, and meet demanding deadlines. It’s incumbent on you to clearly define all of these skills/responsibilities in order to attract quality applicants that can competently fill the role. 

Why Special Events Coordinators are important

Special events coordinators bring your events to life. Cultural institutions and nonprofits rely on these events to drive members, sell tickets, and reach their fundraising goals. An event going awry can be the difference between a successful fundraising season or a set of missed goals for the year.

Additionally, these events help build a sense of community. You want to show your valued donors and members that you are organized, committed, and grateful of their support. If you can’t organize a successful special event, then how can you instill confidence that you will reach your organizational goals? 

A special events coordinator can ensure that your events run smoothly and turn your one-time donors to life-long partnerships. 

What organizations need a Special Events Coordinator

Any nonprofit, museum, zoo, or cultural institution that holds big events throughout the year will need a special events coordinator. You may not need to hire one in-house if you don’t hold a consistent number of events throughout the year, but these individuals will make sure you have a successful event and increase your funds.

Organizations that need special events coordinators include:

  • Museums
  • Zoos
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Philanthropic groups
  • Outreach services and programs
  • Children’s centers
  • Garden centers
  • Local and national institutions 

Pretty much any organization that is planning on holding large events to drive members, donors, fundraising efforts, and other charitable causes needs a special events coordinator to stay on top of their events. 

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