The Value of an Online Ticket Selling Platform

The Value of an Online Ticket Selling Platform
online ticket selling platform

The Value of an Online Ticket Selling Platform

In today’s world of technology and social media, it’s not a question of whether to have an online ticket selling platform; it’s a question of how best to do it. 

The advent of the digital age has changed the way we communicate, obtain information, apply for jobs, do banking, and, as this article will highlight, buy tickets. Of course, there are still a lot of individuals out there who will opt to make ticketing transactions in-person or over the phone, but the trend in almost every ticketing industry is moving towards online sales.

With online ticketing, a number of valuable opportunities for museums, zoos, transportation companies, theaters, and other ticket-based businesses become available to develop new strategies. This article will chart the value of an online ticket selling platform and share some of the best ways you can turn your online ticket sales into greater profits and success.

Save Time and Money With an Online Ticket Selling Platform

It’s easy to save both time and money with an online ticket selling platform, and a lot of the saving requires little to no work on the managerial end. 

Online ticket sales, unlike phone transactions or in-person ticketing, can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that your managers and staff will spend less time answering phone calls and selling tickets, and more time organizing events. Especially for smaller institutions, you need all the time you can get to focus on exhibitions, marketing strategies, and other necessary aspects of your institution.

Additionally, online platforms will help save money in other areas your organization. Less in-person transactions means less staffing required at the ticketing booth or over the phone. You also reduce any printing or in-house transaction costs that come with in-person ticketing. The initial cost of implementing the technology will be outweighed by long-term gains and savings in the future. 

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Online Ticket Selling Platform and Growing Memberships

One of the most important reasons to adapt an online ticket selling platform is the appeal of growing memberships. Most venues that host events, exhibitions, plays, or other forms of entertainment/education are all looking to turn one-time visits into perennial memberships. And one of the most effective ways to do this is to offer and present membership benefits at the point of purchase. 

While you can do this over the phone or in person, it’s much easier and accessible to have the benefits charted near the transaction page of a website. Showing how much cheaper an event would cost if the individual was a member, for example, is a great way to show the long-term value of being a member. It’s also an excellent place to target your advertisements. If the individual has already come far enough to purchase a ticket, they will probably  be interested in learning more about future events and benefits for returning members. 

The last point is that you can gain way more traffic online. It’s important to advertise membership benefits at the physical location of your venue, but you’re only accessing a slice of the community. With online ticketing, you can present membership benefits to more people with less hassle.

Online Ticket Selling Platform and Marketing Strategy

Closely related to building membership via online sales, your marketing strategy can open several new doors by bringing your point of sale to an online platform. Because people spend more time on social media, streaming videos, and browsing the web than ever before, having a robust and a strong presence online is necessary to any marketing strategy in the 21st century.

This is great for online ticketing because your ads can directly link individuals to the ticketing or membership benefits page. On top of that, it will be easier for your marketing team to access a target audience because certain websites, social media platforms, and streaming services cater to specific demographics in the population.

Data Retention and Automation in Your  Online Ticket Selling Platform

Because over-the-phone and in-house ticketing transactions require daily and monthly sales reports, online sales are the fastest and most efficient way to receive real-time data on your transactions. With the right up-to-date technology, you can utilize the power of a CRM to gain valuable information about who your customers are and what they’re interested in.

Automated ticketing and advanced technology can help you learn about your customers’ demographics, the best way to reach them, a track record on their previous visits, and the seasonal trends and patterns that visitors follow. Knowing who your customers are is one of the most important steps in planning events and future strategies that appeal to visitor interests and, ultimately, grow memberships and profit. 

ACME ticketing provides innovative ticketing technology that will simplify and maximize your online ticketing platform. ACME’s advanced, cloud-based technology removes the need for hard-to-manage in-house servers and keeps your tickets selling 24/7. Our flexible POS system gives your staff the freedom to create memberships and our CRM will organize customer data in an easy and comprehensible way. 

Running your venue and learning about your visitors doesn’t have to be complicated; schedule an ACME demo today and expand your institution with ease and joy.

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