Best Email Marketing Tools for Nonprofits, Museums and Zoos

Best Email Marketing Tools for Nonprofits, Museums and Zoos

Best Email Marketing Tools for Nonprofits, Museums and Zoos

Emails are an important part of any marketing campaign for nonprofits, museums, zoos, and other cultural institutions. Emails are necessary channels that can help create awareness around your particular events or fundraisers, connect with past and future donors, and increase your membership and donor count. 

But how do cultural institutions decide on which email marketing tool to invest in? And what should organizations look for when making the decision on investing in an email marketing tool?

Below we’ll get into everything you need to know about email marketing tools for nonprofits. 

Benefits of email marketing for nonprofits, museums, and zoos

At this point, you might be wondering whether an email marketing tool is necessary or not for your particular needs. 

The truth is that marketing tools are extremely beneficial in streamlining otherwise tedious processes that would take hours and hours for humans to manually perform. With the right marketing technology, you can expect your email marketing campaign to improve in the following ways:

  • You can personalize your content
    • Personalized emailing technology, including smart code email blasts, are excellent for reaching out to large numbers of donors and members without losing that essential human touch. Make your members feel special with personalized emails that don’t take large amounts of time or effort.
  • More specific emails
    • Email segmentation will allow you to create more specified email segments so you can categorize your various automated and personalized emails. You can create segment emails that are individually catered to your different audiences, including previous donors, future donors, members, and visitors. 
  • Generate more traffic to your site
    • With an email marketing tool, you can reach more members, visitors, and donors through mass emailing and automated personalized emails. You can more readily update your community with upcoming events and generate more traffic to your site. 
  • Expand your members and outreach
    • If you’re leading a museum or zoo, you want to make sure that you reach out to new visitors to make lasting connections. Email marketing tools come with built-in tracking features that will allow you to connect with new guests and visitors. 
  • Emailing templates
    • Email marketing tools come with a set of emailing templates that can streamline the emailing process and give you a number of models to work with. Templates can be specified and catered to specific subjects, like fundraising, events, newsletters, and new campaigns. 
  • Reporting and analytics
    • Emailing marketing software will make sense of which emails are having the desired effect and which emails are falling short. When you can make data-driven and informed marketing decisions, you’ll be better suited to effectively reach your audience, raise more money, and create more optimized emails for the future. 

Email marketing solutions open a number of doors for institutions that want to take their marketing campaigns to the next level. Below we’ll get into the features you should be looking for in your email marketing tool. 

Email marketing tool implementation criteria

With so many different email marketing tools on the market, it’s hard to know what makes the best choice. Below are a few essential marketing tool implementation criteria that every email tool should offer. 

  • Customizable templates that simplify the email process
  • Smart code email blast capabilities
  • Simple and sleek interface that is easy to use
  • The ability to segment emails into sub groups
  • Personalized automated emails that allow you to schedule your emails 
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytic capabilities that allow you to understand your emailing trends and make data-driven decisions
  • Email marketing tools should come with robust CRMs that enable you to connect with your audience
  • If your tool doesn’t come with a CRM, then it should allow you to integrate third-party software
  • Email marketing solutions often come with deliverability scores, which allow you to see the rate at which emails land in your recipients inbox vs their spam folder

Variables like cost and scalability will depend on how large your organization is and how many members, guests, and donors you plan on reaching. Some solutions will offer a free option that allows you to reach 500-1,000 individuals, but you can expect most tools to charge anywhere from $30 to $200 for monthly subscriptions.

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